Tuesday, October 31, 2006


"Each poem is different.Often the first line is a gift.I dont know if from the Gods or from that mysterious faculty called Inspiration.I wrote the first verses as if someone were silently dictating then to me.I am surprise at the fluidity with the lines apeared one after other.They came from far off and from nearby,from within my own chest.Suddenly the current stopped flowing.I read what I write,and I dindt have to change a thing.But is only the beginning,and I had no idea where those lines were going.A few days later I tried to get started again,not in a passive way but trying to orient and direct the flow of verses.I write again.I stopped.I went back in a few later and little by little,I began to discover the theme of the poem and where it was all heading.It is a kind of review of my life,a resurrection of my experiences,my concerns,my failures,my obsessions.I realized I am living the end of my youth and that poem was simultaneously the end and a new begining"

Octavio Paz,mexican poet,Nobel Prize of Literature
Image: A Mural by Diego Rivera,mexican painter.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Today I saw a article in a national newapaper about the conclusion of a survey about a ranking of environement sustentability around the diferent countries in the world.How the people and comunities take care or not of forest,water natural resources as lakes,rivers,glaciers also wild fauna and native flora.The results.Cuba is in first place in care of environement,many countries of South American also are well ranked.But USA,Sweden,Norway and many industrial countries are in bad places.The problem is in ONU by example are not a world auhority in charge of regulate and care the air,the earth,the clima the plants,the animals and the people who lives inside the planet?.Kioto protocol?How many developed countries had not yet sign?Reasons,monetary short reasons.But what is the economic cost of biodiversity?What is the economic lost of a specimen lost?And is not one are many.
We lost ice in North area as glaciers in Groenland,if temperature rise a few Celsius in long term we lost not only some biodiversity on sea ,also is posible to loose earth in many countries.Some people said that this is a natural proces and always in the earth history we had changes of clima and biodiversity.But now is a new paradigm.We are helping to desgradate our nature with polution.He question is if we have high tecnologies why the wealth countries make a erroneus economical policies
with a short point of view like a old king of France that before the French Revolution said;"Apres de moi,le deluge".

Image:Google,rigth,Perito Moreno glacier,Argentina.Left a factory

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


The diference is narrow in last Sunday election.Lula obtain a 48.7% and Alckmin a 41.6% of 168 millions people voters.A named "Dossier Gate" more seems a Lula Gate a scandal about 8 members of PT involved in potencial buying of material testimonial of opossite politicians in corruption activities,eroded Lula popularity.But he is optimist and with humour.He said today that in October 29 ballotage he will be the winner.The former ex Governor of Sao Paulo Geraldo Alckmin is also optimistic ,a tiny 6 % og votes is his hope.But the key of e definition is in the hands of a woman,Heloisa Helena a Senator disident of PT party,both needs her votes.She declares today neutrality.The following 26 days will be a large waiting for the two candidates.Lula has make promise in the alternative of he is re elected make a national party government including oposition.

Image: a brazilian peasant
Sources:brazilian press