Thursday, March 22, 2007


In Great Britain in medical media are a debate about if homeophaty practice as scientific background and about the real status in the british medical system.One point are that the active ingredient used in homeophatic practices are the high dilution of active compound.Other more strong are no kwon mechanisms explaining why the homeophatics treatments works in phisiological terms.Many researchers said that mostly of them dont produce any phisical effects and all the improvment of diseases are placebo effect.Other issue is the dificul to obtain why exactly is taugth in homeophatical course to obtain degrees in alternative medicine.Many research mede in the last years about response to alternative tratments are very weak and positive evidence marginal.In many countries alternative medicine has no clear legal status.Besides in Latinamerica many traditional old medicine practiced by orginary peoples as empiric and wiht more faith or religoius componens than scientific backgrounds.Certainly many drugs have natural components focused in flora from tropical areas.The right road is pharmacological research tajken care about the legitim property of native population to share the economic benefits of the isolated drugs.
Source Nature Com.

Source Nature Com

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Those idylic landcape es changing ,the 10 most great rivers in the world are in death peril.WWF a conservation group said that Yantze en Chine has over polution as result of industrialization in his basin.Nilo en Ejipt with the over population risk of have less fish and other specimens to a hungry people surrounded by desert.In the list are also the Plata River in Argentina,Rio Grande in USA,Danube in Europe,Indus at India,Murray Darling in Australia.The report forgot Amazonas and Rhin the first affected by desforation and the second by pollution.Other problems are the dams and over extration of water.According WWF global wearming only acelerate the problem.

Monday, March 19, 2007


Iraqy war enter in his fourth year.Why has won USA in this time?Nothing.But the world has lost many.Iraq civilian deads,? how many 100.000 ,60.000?.The war was against Saddam regime.Tha battles against his arm ended a few weeks after american intervention.But the responsability after is outside of international order.The common sense said thar iraquies authorities election was a show and are puppets from USA.Masive destruction device not founded,aberration in military prisons against prisioner,a desvasted economy,not cheap oil at last.What is the sense of remain about 145.000 soldiers in other country with out control of the self violence generated by the vacuum political power bo overthrow os Saddam regime?Today Iraq is a country with a divided society,with a uncovered civil war with no hope to finish.American people is a historical a very pragmatical one and with respect of values as freedom and human rights inside his country,the better for them is a withdrawl of the soldiers.For public world oponion is a ethical issue.The other option is that, for american are irrelevant the voices of others peoples

Saturday, March 17, 2007


Somes images to promote the first comercial trips in 1930-1940 to visit exotics places considered only for explorers.Oran,Havana,Africa,Perou are someone.Was a time with adventure sense and very romantic.The posters are truly artistics ouvres
and the anonims designers catch very well the spirit and the Atmosphere of the moment.

From CNet News

Thursday, March 15, 2007


If you visit New Wonder web site you can make a choice of the seves most beautifull monuments of mankind in the last 2000 years.In the list with more posibilities 21 architectural well knowed in tourism tours and other as national pride sites.The dead line to ballot is six July 2007.The election is in Lisbon Portugal the next day.My choice;Petra,The Great Wall,Moscow,Saint Basil Church,Macu Pichu in Perou Andes,Eastern Island Statues in my country,Chile,Timbuktu construction and Taj Mahal in India.
On top till today;Taj Mahal,the Gitza Pyramids,Chichen Itza in Centro America,Colosseum in Rome,the Great Wall and Petra.The balloting by Internet is a avantage to developed countries as USA with Liberty Statue or France with Eiffel Towerur.Organizer are worried about the vote in developing countries whre Internet is in infancy,China is a exception,but Perou,Ejipt,or Chile are few population and Internet users.Also is contrversial if is a effort to protect thew world heritage or only a comercial one


Two books about american unoficial policies in the last 100 years,including latinamerica.Greg Grendin Empire Workshop Latin America,The Unites States and the rise of the New Imperialism and Stephen Kinzer
Overthrow America Century of Regime change from Hawaii to Iraq explain the facts but give no clues to future.
USA has ever believes that latinoamerican countries are only a business place and the people are the governments.Besides that latinoamericans have the same culture values as the average "gringo" citizen.Both paradigms are wrong.For latinoamerican economic issue is not the more important,social issues are more relevant.
We in our countries don understand why a ilustrated society with internal respect of values as individual freedom,human life,free acces to information,a free press,can accept without great problem intervention, some times brutal of USA in overthrow democratic elected governments as Chile en 1973.Is not enough say 30 years after We sorry the deaths or the destruction of social network of chilean society.
Is not only a economic and political issue is a ethic debt from one society to other.
The USA Institution of the time who promotes intervention where the oficial,not individual of a gang acting in the dark of the night.American society works with many social filters and latinoamerican doubts are why intelectual elites,religous intitutions,free press are unable to stop bad actions of a small group of oficial,trasnsnational directories and bad advisers acting to "preserve ther erronous named christian capitalism.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


In all natural ecosistems in the named Third World,forest,mountains.lakes and river grows many herbs,bushes,tree an flowers containing chemical ingredients who at last chemist find new elements as medicines high content of amonoacids,antioxidants,fatty acids.But many ecological fundations became the entry door to comercial entreprenurial companies seeking make good profits in Western Market avid form organic feed stuffs.The fenomen happens in Africa,Lartin America,Asia .The point more contraversial is when they isolate some chemical compounds or improve by bio genetics some flora then by legal devices obtain the property rights and make good profits.Paradox,some origin countries must pay drugs or seeds of this herbs and trees.ONU must regulate more this kind of "ecological" bussiness that not improve generally the life conditions of populations mostly aborigins that for centuries has developped a culture based in natural products in diet and medicine.
This in connection of a article about Ecology and Commerce in Alter Net


Oxford scientist studies showed that Toxoplasma parasite produce alterations in the brain chemistry of rats producing uusual behaviors with regard to smell cat urne diferent to no parasited rats.,also female parasited have more male than female en born ratio.
But the more contraversial of studies are the effects potencial in human in the same situation.The relationships betewen toxoplasmosis and more cases of schizofrenia including other strong psycological effects including delusions,hallucinations an paranoia.
Toxoplasmosis a protozoo unicelular parasite in most comun in human afecting more than 60 million persons in the world in 39 countries.
The question is high toxoplasmosis rates in a country population alter the culture od some nations?

Sunday, March 11, 2007


Brazil is a huge country and with a emerging economy,but without oil reserves.The solution sugar cane and ethanol a by product to move his industry.In fact Brazil is the first ethanol producer yn the world from sugar cane.In Bush visit to Lula both decide sign a agreement to increase and improve biodiesel production.USA is the largest ethanol producer using corn.But the question is is a good action the ethanol production in a huge volume in a tropical area with a very altered ecosistems by natural forest substitution in profit to sugar cane culture.Too much land is also desforest in the past to cattle farming,in fact Brazil have 200 million head in pastures in before amazonia forest.The problem is if better to a country be have self sustaintable oil economy in the short time based in depredation of natural resources in a eminent global warming future with loss of fauna and flora for the futures generations.And this is not only a brazilian issue is a global problem also.

Saturday, March 10, 2007


Bush visit Latinoamerican countries not at all,only Brazil,Uruguay,Colombia,Guatemala and at the end Mexico.The most short way to Mexico es going to the border.Is Latinamerica yet the back yard of USA?.Not at all.Chavez,Morales,Correa,Ortega ruled Venezuela,Bolivia,Ecuator and Nicaragua,all leftist in the american way to view the politician.Argentina has not properly good ties with Uncle Sam.And Uruguay and Chile are ruled by socialists Presidents,moderate but leftist at the end.No mention to Castro is the extrem range in the political spectrum.
The question is what is the motivation of Bush visit?He have not many to offer after Iraq and with Iran in mind and besides have a low level of approval not only en USA so in many countries.Only a reason;Tourism,is only a tourist travel without political achievements.

Thursday, March 08, 2007


I think that I shall never see
A poem lovely as a tree
a tree whose hungry mouth is prest
Against the earth´s sweet flowing breast;
A tree that looks as God all day
and lift her leafy arms to pray;
A tree may in summer wear
a nest of robins in her hair;
Upon whose bosom snow has lain;
Who intimately lives with rain
Poems are made by fools like me
But only God can make a tree.
Joyce Kilmer 1886-1918