Tuesday, February 28, 2006


last Sunday a National Stadium crowded with 80.000 people received after 8 years
Bono and his U- Two Irish band.Bono and his band is a active for the human rights defense around the world
U Two was also nominated Ambassadors in concurrence for defense of civil rights by Amnesty International of Chile.Before in the Presidential Palace of la Moneda Bono was awarded with Pablo Neruda Culture medal by Presidente Lagos.
Besides the chilean President made a present to Bono, a charango a tipical andine instrument.

Friday, February 24, 2006


Ajourdi dans le Point,journal du France je a trouvé a article sur les problemes de internautes chinois pour acceder a Internet sans problemes.
Le regime chinois est pleine du contradictions.Il voudrai faire la modernisation de son pais,sans remous sociaux.
La liberte economique oui,más la liberte politique est a outre afaire.La censure exist aussi a Internet.
Le Point dite que le jounalist Shi Tao,37 ans,a été condamne a dix ans de prison por aver renvoyé avec son mail personnel un avis de censure que circulait dans son journal.
Selon informations de Reporters sans frontiers 49 cyber-dessidents et 32 journalist son actualment en prison.
La affaire est assez delicat,est la tentation de tout controler aussi le sprit humaine.Mais la histoire dites que est imposible tous controler,les barreaux
ne aura aucun forces sur le esprit humain

Source Le Point,Paris 16/02/2006

Today Le Point a french newspaper includes a article about the problem from chinese internautes,considerating some expresion as political dangerous.49 internautes and 32 jornalist are in prison for express his political opinion.
Pekin has a great contradition about a relative policies of economical freedom and a hard political control.
The journalist Shi Tao 37 years old is in jail for re send in his personal mail a
warnnig of censorship of his newspapper,and for this must remain ten years in prison.
The chinese police obtain the information from a well known reseach engine.
Are bad notices for the fredoom of people who use Internet around the world.

From Le Point,16/02/2006
Image Google Imagenes

Thursday, February 23, 2006


Roberto Matta was one of most greatest painter of Chile.Born in Santiago remains and made his career in Europe an USA.A architect of Catolica University in Santiago worked with Le Corbusier and after with the Breton group in Paris including also Dali.
Was one of the most representative of Surrealist and this canvas was painted while Matta lived in New York is a mural que reflect the complextity of his personality.His distress about the broader society crisis and his distress about the world specially after the horror of War World Two.
A few years ago a read a book about Matta impressions in love,the social life,Chile
remembers,his childhood in Santiago.That book show me the humanity and his strong
feelings about his motherland,the chileans and a nitid perceptions about our future.
This ouvre is in the Metropolitan Museum of Arts in New York. and was painted in 1946
institled Being With very dificult to translate but in french(Etre Avec)suggest a
figurative and narrative paint about Matta view of society.

Image Being With,Roberto Matta,chilean Painter 1946
In the Metropolitan Museum of Art N.Y.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006


This is Martin my grand son fishing in a lake of the South.With his father,my son
using the yellow jacket and a friend.
Martin is six year old,love macarroni and all thing with whells.Is a smart boy
and is a little nervous because a sister in March arrives.


Dangerous waters are Red Sea and the Malacca Strait,pirates attacks cargo boats,include yachts, robbering goods,money,include oil and kidnaping the crew for a ransome.A Internet site provide help to secure maritim transit of pleasure boats and messages from yachts interested in forming convoys.Some countries as Malasia,Indonesia and Singapore concerted military patrols over Indian Ocean near Malacca Strait.
The IMB,International Maritim Bureau is stron concerned about the security of crews,because in some case the are killed or abandoned at sea in the incidents.
As the crew of the cargo ship Alondra Rainbow that in 1999 left the Indonesian port of Kuala Tanjung to Japan.The cargo disappear,ther salilor puted in a inflatable liferat,only eleven days later was rescued.
For most latinoamerican countries who send his export by sea in a great concern,besides the maritim traficc are less and the great coasts length is hard
to control and must consider a real threat en the following years.

Souce; IMB,MAST,and BBC News.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Out of lemon flowers
in the moonlight,love`s
lashed ans issatiable
sodden with gragrance,
the lemon tre´s yellow
the lemons
moce down
from the tree`s planetarium

Delicate merchandise
tha harbors are big with it
for the light and the
barbarous gold.
We open
the halves
of a miracle,
and a clottting of accid
into the starry
original juices,
so the freshness lives
in a lemon
in the sweet smelling house of a rind,
the proportions,arcane and acerb

Pablo Neruda chilean poet laurated Nobel Prize 1971
Image: Collection chilean Exporters Gallery


One million people heard last Saturday the british Rolling Stone concert at the beach of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.Mick Jaegger sang using a shirt with the Brazil flag at end Satifaction with his band in the begining of concerts that includes concerts at Buenos Aires,Mexico City and in Usa.In the same sense Today Bono arrives to Sao Paulo for a concert and after a meeting wih Lula President spoke about the Lula efforts to erradicate poverty and for obtain a biodiesel from vegetals as suggar cane.

Image O Globo Internet edition

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


I am a chilean,We are a south american country.We speak spanish.The most of us are from spaniard and other european origins,but we a a mixed people.The first habitants and our land and ancestors where mapuches collas,diaguitas,changos,huilliches onas,pehuenches,yaganes and also pascuenses.In our heritage are blood fom native people who lived here about 4.000 years before the spanish arrival circa 1548.
We have desert,lakes,valley,many rivers,great mountains in Andes,ice in Antartic chilean Territory and also a part of Polinesy in Easter Island.
I try to write this blog in English because I understand that many people speak other idioms.For them I intend to give my vision of hte world.Is would be a very hard task,My english is nor quite good.But a think that people feelings are in all world the same and want know and understand each other.This is my purpose and I beg your indulgences.Thanks very much.