Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Alvaro Uribe was re elected as Colombia President after a ballot yesterday.With 7.556.000 votes is not necesary a second chance because the second Gaviria of left wing parties obtain only more or less 2 million votes.Uribe in his actual period achieves a real stabilization of economy with a 4% average in growth indicator as PBI.Also a neutralization of Farc guerrillas who remain by 40 years a rural insurgency.But the task for the next four years is not easy.Colombia experiment a shortage in energy sources as oil of internal production.Besides the international prices od agricultural products as coffe are decreasing in world market
by competition of asiatic countries as Viet Nam.Ha must also obtain a real solution
to Farc issue.A program of politics ans social reforms may be the solution to a country who has no made a agrary reform and with many poor population in rural areas who are recluted by the guerrilla.But Farc a marxist oriented mouvement has not many chances on political field and with the increase of logistic power of Colombia Plan must accept Uribe proposal to achieves Peace in a country who has a virtual civil war en the last 50 years.

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Trickle drops,my blue veins leaving
O drps of me,trickle,slow drops,
Candid from me falling,drip,bleeding drops,
From wounds made me free you whence you were prison `d,
from my face,from my forehead and lips,
from my breast,from within where I was conceal`d,press forth red
drops,confession drops,
Stain every page,stain every song I sing,every word I say,bloody drops,
Let them know your scarlet heat,let them glisten,
Saturate them with yourself all ashamed and wet,
Glow upon all I have written or shall write,bleeding drops,
Let it all be seen in your light,blushing drops.

Walt Whitman,north american poet 1860

Friday, May 26, 2006


BBVAFundation of Spain has made a opinion survey about social capital to 20.000 people in 13 countries Denamark,USA,Spain,Turkey,Israel,Germany,Japan,France,Italy,United Kingdom,Mexico,Rusia and Chile.The bakground considers two esential component of social capital.The confidence level and the social nets.The asumption is that in a society with high confidence levels ,reduce cost in agreement buidings and social nets formation and also reinforces the relationships and information trasmition
in people.This issues are crucial in reinforcement of democratics ties in society.
Confidence levels reduce the incertitude because a risk factor is the expected behavior of the other and this willbr diferent to expectatives.The conclusion, in general countries as Dennmark an Usa with higher level of confidence en people.
Other not at all as Chile and Mexico.The most best evaluated institutions in general are the Justice systems in European in developped countries.And the badest evaluation are politician in all countries.The perception of diferent Churches are very diferent in all countries.One conclusion for me ,Capital social and his development are more important than economic concern in Under developped countries.
The high level on default of confidence in people make very dificult promote democracy and also business.One of relevant issue are the levels of transmission of information in people.

Source:In spanish BBVA Public Opinion
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Friday, May 19, 2006


North of Chile have privilegy places for astronomy observations.His drougthness of the Atacama,Antofagasta and Coquimbo lands and the location in the very Southern Hemisphere make posible a clear skies almot all year for searching the develop of Universe.Carnagie Institution,a Consortium of Universities in Astronomical Research in Tololo began his operations in 1962.The largest complex is located in the nearby of Antofagasta,Paranal Observatory formed by four telescopies began his operations in 1999 with a agreement including chilean Government and ESO( a european Astronomical Research Consortium).Other site is the International Observatory Gemini South a joint action of Argentina,Brasil,Australia,EEUU United Kingdoom and Chile.Yesterday a new complex is published,Cerro Pachon in operation by 2014 with the largest lens in Chilean astronomy.This is a complement to SOAR in the same site.The first is a observatory of Large Synoptic Survey Telecope(LSST) from AURA,the second is operated for CTIO and the Universities of North Carolina,Michigan and Brasil.Important part of LSST of research and developpment will be financed by the National Science Foundation of USA,private donors and the members of LSST Corporation,including the University of Arizona,the National Optical Astronomy Observatory and Whashington University..Recently La Silla Observatory found at forty one ligth years far, three planets similar to Neptun with orbites a star a little smaller that our Sun and be published in this days by Nature Magazine.The planets discovered has a mass ten a eigtheen the Earth dimension.They are formed by a combination of rocks,gas and,ice And for his location has a high posibility zone of liquid water resources.

More information:Paranal,Tololo

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Ayer asumió R.Preval como Presidente de Haiti.Tiene una tarea dificil.Haiti es el pais màs pobre de America,en apenas 22.750 km 2 viven 8 milllones de habitantes.Para comparar Chile tiene 742.000 km2 y 16. millones.No tiene petroleo,el bosque tropical ya no existe,tampoco materias primas relativamente importantes.La esperanza de vida es de 54 años.De cada 4 niños que mueren el America Latina 1 es haitiano.La desnutricion infantil alcanza al 28%.Se podria seguir,pero detras de las estadisticas hay una nacion rica en historia la primera en America en obtener su Independencia en 1804.Despùes de Estados Unidos.Una nacion formada por hombres libres cuyos padre fueron traidos como eslavos de Africa con una riqueza cultural increible.La unica republica americana que habla francés.Con un drama del exilio tremendo fruto de las convulsiones politicas y de buscar mejores horizontes que ha hecho migrar sólo a Canada 1 millon de haitianos en el ultimo decenioOtros 500.000 deben cruzar la forntera para trabajar en Republica Dominicana.Por eso hay que ayudar a Haiti.Ya hay un principio de acuerdo entre Argentina Brasil y Chile para cooperacion en el ambito social.La television mostró ayer ejemplos a seguir de cooperantes chilenos pocos es cierto en el campo de la salud,la edificacion de casas y la educacion.Asi como hay un Chile Solidario nacional debe existir un Haiti solidario mundial o al menos latinoamericano con su pueblo .No hacer mezquinos calculos de geopolitica y de influencias,ni de pensar grandes negocios a costa de ellos.Es un imperativo de decencia social aportar pese a que tenemos una mejor situacion relativa no solo en ayuda en la fuerza de Paz que es necesaria para pacificar y organizar el orden publico,sino una más sensible y dura de implementar al desarrollo de la educacion de Haiti,organizar su administracion publica,mejorar su aparato de salud,recuperar los espacios de su territorio tan desvastado..Por eso despues dela reunion de Viena que demostró la necesidad para los Paises latinoamericanos de unirse indpendiente de sus legitimas diferencias y de nuevos vientos de solidaridad que soplan hacia los mas pobres es una prueba de fuego ayudar al hermano más necesitado, esa es la unica opcion moral posible

Imagen:Arte haitiano,La Cosecha

Yesterday Rene Preval asumed as democratic President of Haiti.Hard task for him.Haiti is the poorest county of Latinomerica.His population of 8 million people lives in 22.750 km2.As comparation Chile has 16 millon people and 742.000 k2.It no oil,and grar natural resouces in the island,the tropical forest is gone.The life
expectatives is 54 years,the for children died in Latinamerica one is haitian.The malnutrition in chilhood is 28%.Whe can continue with stadistics.But Haiti are a nation with a great cultural heritage.Was the first latino american country to obtain his Independence from France in 1804.The only amercicasn republic who speak french.A Fre born society formed by former slaves careried form Africa for comerce
reasons.With a great problems od ex patriate peoplple,ongly in canada lives 1 millions and oher hal million mus cross the Republic Dominican border to work as temporal works.Television show sama samples of chilean cooperants in health and educational services an in to build some houses for homless people,not so much.But as we have a Solidarian Chile program,we mus to buil a Haiti World program of Solidarity.Without egoism and no geopolitical and comerce gains. Chile Brasil and Argentina who mantain a Peace Task Force have a compromise to aid aitian people to rebuild his educational and health services,also aid to recover the space so damaged.Is a moral imperative in this moment after Viena Conference who demostrate the the urgency of a union and the blowing of news airs of solidarity,in first place to the poorest brothers,Haiti is one of them.

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Friday, May 12, 2006


I have a doubt because in my ecoestadistc frame appeared that the mayority of visitors in both blogs sites are from USA,in circunstances that the mostly posted is in spanish.Surprise, I try to adventure some clues.Are american people who understand my idiom,other some of the 40 millions hispano parlants people of latino american origin who lives in USA.The last real interest of some american to know more
of this tiny country located in the corner of the world.Conclusion,I must give more atention and efforts to Chilean Made.But I dont know what are the issues of more interest for person visting form USA and other people of other place who ignore spanish.Besides are the fact that visitor no write coments.
I beg if it is possible give me some clues to improve the interest and quality of post in both blogs.Thanks sincerely

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Thursday, May 11, 2006


Chilean President Michelle Bachellet and spanish Governement President José Luis
Zapatero,suscribed yesterday in Madrid a Strategic Asociation Plan to improve
the political and economics relationships.The comercial trade is improving faster
after the signature in 2003 by Chile a Free Trade asociation with the European Union.Chilean exports to Spain increase 35.3% in the last two years and only 14.4% for spanish export to Chile.Besides Spain is the second largest investor in Chile in the telecomunication,electrical energy suply services and banking.The total amount o Spain private sector investiments are en the last ten yerar about 14.000 US millions.
After Spain visit Bachellet go to Bosnia Herzegovina to meet the chilean troops of the UN surveillance forces and end his trip in Viena to participate in the Europa Latin America an Caribean Summit.In a very complez scenary after bolivian actions in oil an land tenure issues,the contraversial contruction of two wood paper usines by Uruguay on the de la Plata River with oposition of Argentina and the last and polemics declarations of Chavez to increase venezuelan state participation on oil utilities.One of the most important issue of discusion point are the european private investiments in the actual moment.

Source: ABC Madrid

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


In 2003 BBC News informed a chilean researchers team of Austral University directed by Dr. Rodrigo Gaete discovered a whale nursery of blue whales in the nearby of Corcovado Strait at Pacific Ocean southern Chile in way to Antartic.This is the most important blue whale feeding and nursery grounds yet discovered in the southern Hemisphere.Scientific have little evidenxce of where blue whales bredd,although is it tought to take place in tropical waters.But this findings appear contradict traditional theories about the seasonal migration of blue whales.Southern Hemisphere blue whales generally leave their Antartic feeding gounds in the onset of Autumn.They arrive in the tropics at the onset of winter,in order to give birth and breed.When spring arrives,they begin to migrate back to the Antartic Ocean.However the blue whales where clearly spending summer near the tropics.
Two posibility exist,one a a separate sub especies of pygmy blue whale other thar migration habits of blue whale are changing.
In the near future the area was declarated a protected area and a national marine park by the National Forest Corporation and the Environmental chilean Agency.

More information;Ballena Azul and International Whale Comission

Saturday, May 06, 2006


The night it is deserted
from the mountain to the sea.
But I,the one who rocks you,
I am not alone!

The sky it is deserted
fro the moon fallas to the sea
But I,the one who holds you,
I am not alone!

The world it is deserted.
All flesh is sad you see.
But I,the one who hugs you,
I am not alone!

Gabriela Mistral,Nobel Prize 1945,Chiliean Poetry

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Yesterday in Port de Iguazu en the brasilien argentina frontier meets,Evo Morales,Chavez,Lula and Kitchner to discuss the bolivian oil field nacionalitation by La Paz Governement.Three hours of discussion without others oficial and the conclusion:No interruption of gas delivery to Argentina an Brasil,expectatives for Bolivia and worries to the two importers countries of a raise actual prices, one BTU gas price from 3.8 US to 5.00 level.Evo also said that gas price in California cost for one BTU three more times.Brasil imports only 3-8 % of gas but all for a very sensible area,San Paulo his industrial heart.Argentina depends about 50% of Bolivian gas an the demand is rising.And Chavez? before of meeeting Hugo Chavez made a trip to La Paz to advice Evo and colaborators.Also all made mention to transcontinental gasduct the venezuelan proyect.In the future not also oil but venezuelan gas arrives to Mercosur countries.Menace of Petrobras of no investiment continuity vanished by Lula words,Brasil continues to make in the future investiment in oil field.
Morales had many inside problems and the formal initial reactions of the other presidents give a breath of air to solve them,the future will say if his political position very strong acording to recent polls above 70% of popularity is increasing or weakening.

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More information:The Buenos Aires Herald


Friday, May 05, 2006


Rural poverty is The Problem of Problems in the actual times.United Nations estime 1.200 million people living in poverty conditions in the world,specially in Africa,Asia and Latin America,mostly peasants.The goal to eliminate rural poverty in 2015 seems a dificult task.Geographic isolation,lack in basic services in health care,education,electricity and other basic services of urban areas and modern life are the principal effects.Also a self perception to be poor and also discriminated by poverty state,racial and cultural rooots.Instead the rural comunities develop a strong solidarity links with the similars.If you search Internet you find a miriad of state,private,NGO and International Agencies implicates in the issue.The motivationare differents,religous,political,real comitment with the people,international political reasons.The list is long and the cordination is weak.THe cultural appproch paternalist of many of them causes damage when the charity aid fall an gone.In many cases a new private burocracy is created and the peasant felt the volunteer as outsider and without perception of the real demands of them.The different idiom make more dificult the job.Besides some government are very sensible to this private aid,it looks as a revolucionary seed and potential demands to States.
Certain some must be done,hunger for example is urgent in some africaans feed people in some catastrophic areascountries.But the point is realize that real problems of the all world especially for developed contries is ouside and secular poverty.Heat Global Warm,endangered especies,climate Chage,No proliferation of
nuclear weapons to all countries not only to poor countries,sure,are problems. But priority must be say is rural poverty that is a social scandal to all people an specially developped world.Poverty is the great social disease of 2006 times.Respect of native culturesand self estim,promotion of self liberty to develop a properly mode of life,no selling of utopias who dont works as comunism,increase aid to a pragmatic approach to rural education.Acces of information as Internet in rural areas are some of the challenges and the first point policies of social justice in economic relationships with under developped countries. Free acces to medicaments patents,neutrality in political internal affairs,are some clues.A human overview of poverty and not a biased focus only in economic approach or a geopolitical and national power problem affaire, who end in many cases in a profit matterpfor private trust instead in a issue of strong moral implications.

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Wednesday, May 03, 2006


In Latin America the idea of a only common union of countries is old.Bolivar the venezuelan hero was the first in claim his urgency.But instead of a a unique shearing about the issue,the divergence about the way to developp is quite divergent.
Mercosur includes Brasil,Argentina,the biggest countries in the region with tiny countries as Uruguay an Paraguay as partners.Argentina have a inside estrategy based in his agricultural wealthy as a basis to create a national industry.Brasil have a market export oriented economy based in soya,beef meat,coffe and a properly energy
estrategy based in vegetal oil form sugar canne.Last month Lula said that Brasil is self provived by bio diesel and a huge car industry of biodiesel unities is growing.
Uruguay and Paraguay are disapointed about the unilateral actions of Brasil and Argentina,specially in energy field.Uruguay have problems to build two celulose plants in the nearby of Rio de la Plata River a natural frontiers betewen the two countries for ecological reasons.
In hte other side CAN,Comunity of Andean Countries formed by Venezuela,,Colombia Ecuator ans Perou have a srong critics fron Chavez ,Venezuelan president for "kill rhe CAN with the signature by Colombia,Perou and Ecuator in the near future of TLC
Free Trade Agreement with the USA.
Venezuela is planning buil a oilduct from his oil fields to the heart of Mercosur,besides agree to sign a comercial convention with Argentina;Meat and grains for oil.
Making more complex the scenary,Cuba,Bolivia and venezuela suscribe recently a Freindships Treaty not very clear in the economics goals.
The declaration yesterday of Evo Morales of oil and gas nationalization in la Paz
make more complex the landscape and is a easy task a prediction about the real posibilities of a Economic and Political Southamerican integration.
Some critics says that neoliberalism politics and globalization make more dificult
and in the some way impossible a real union in the near future of Latin American countries.The times dont wait but actually is not easy to find a political leadership
to make posible the Simon Bolivar dream.

Ilustration.Diego Rivera,mexican Painter.