Saturday, July 22, 2006


My father went and came back through the flames...
Among the sleepers ands the rails
of a sattion swarming with flies and dust
One afternoon whe gathered up his pieces
I was never able to speak with him
I find now in dreams.
That half-erased country of the dead

Octavio Paz,mexican poet
On the tragic death of his father suffered in a train wreck in 1935
Translation of Francis ,Steen
English Department,University of California

Image:Train dans la Neige Monet

Thursday, July 13, 2006


China has a new great wall but now directed to Internet sites censorship.About 62 people cybernauts are imprisoned and the national People Congress of the People has passed a law to regulate the traffic by the web.To day Wu Hao a cybernuat imprisoned in last Febraury was delivered by chinese authorities during the visit of Josep Borrel Chairman of European Parlament who study a resolution about Human liberties in PRC.But all problems China is second in Internet use,registering 80 millions of cybernauts an 600.000 public sites.Beside the chinese Government has own internet sites to propaganda as and China Daily also,also by very sensitive issues as Tibet and situation.
Wikipedia has detailed information about the matter.The sites about surveillance and censor are polticas forums,Tibetan and taiwan Independence,religous por example Wu Hao was making a report about underground chineses Church when was imprisoned.A very complex point according to Reporters Without Frontiers is obtain that companies working in the internet business stop contributing to the authorities censorhips policies in a effort that chinese goovenment change this kind of actibvities.




The New Economic Foundation and Friend of the Earth made a suvey about hapiness feeling in 178 countries in all world.Is not a traditional one about economic achievement and happiness.PBI,range of health care and educational services,instead is a more intuitive and try to explain why some societies are happy without many goods and confort and others are richer and dissapointed in his aims and life sense.
They established a PBI index in funtion of Life expectancy,life satifaction and Ecological footprint in a formula where: HPI is equal to Life Sat x life expectancy
divided by ecological footprint.
Some conclusions:Countries similar in oher ways can differ enormously about life satisfaction.Well being does nor rely on high level of consuming.Central America countries and islands reach the highest average score in the index.G8 countries generally score badly in the index.Usa score 150 in ther list,Chile 51 and Costa Rica 3,Zimbabe is the last in place 178 and Rusia 172,Cuba 6,Brazil 63.Haiti 85,Japan 95,Tonga 24,China 31,Vietnam 12,Poland 114,France 129,Poland 114,,Bahamas 75.
The contraversial issue is establish a common pattern for Life Satifaction but is
very similar in conception to HDI(Human devepment Index of ONU),but the results are different.But it seems me that in real life many things are according with Nef conclusions.

Image:Seurat,Le gran gatte

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Scientist of Ohio State University found evidence of a great asteroid impact creating a crater about 482 km or 300 miles the gratest ever observed in Antartica on Wilkes Land southern Australia.Is age, 250 millions old.More than the 65 million meteor impact who asumes killed dinosours.Nasa Grace Satelites detected also detects gravity ocsilations beneath Antartica ice sheet.Wilkes crater is beneath a mile(two kilometer) the East Antartica Ice Sheet.Thew size of Wilkes meteor could have 30 miles wide.The crater size is enough to content all Ohio State.Scientis sais that form is similar to moon other craters.The singularity is in moon carater case this remains in time,but on earth is the oposite by geological activity.
Also especulates than impact colud help to split the actual antartica land form Gondwana extint supercontinent.Besides damage all kind of life on Earth.

Source Spaceflight Now
Also Universe Today

Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Paul Klee
As painter was not valued in his age.His art was considered naive but is a very complex painter inspired in Goya and antecesor of Cubism.In 1933 must flee ouside of Germany by nazi critics as desgenerated art.In the last time of his life
has a escleroderma disease and force him to piant in a more simple form.But Klee is one of the most great painters of Modern Art.



Paul Klee fué un pintor suizo pero que hizo su carrera en Alemania.Su arte fué primero considerado como primitivo y un poco infantil.Sin embargo su talento lo hizo ser uno de los mejores representantes del subrealismo e incluso precursor del cubismo.Admiró y tuvo influencias de Goya lo que lo acercaba tambien a las expreionistas.Una vez dijo:"el arte no reproduce lo visible lo hace visible".A las alturas de 1933 su pintura fué catalogada de desgenerada para los canones nazis,por lo que volvió a Suiza donde murió en 1940.Pintó hasta el final de sus dias aquejado de una enfermedad desgenerativa(escleroderma)que le obligó a desarrolar estilos más simles pero no menos hermosos.El cuadro de la imagen es su famoso Jardin Tunecino fruto de un viaje de Klee a ese pais.

Imagen ;Paul Klee,Jardin Tunecino en Google


Yesterday again bolivian went to ballot to elect a new Assembly,La Constituyente,charged to study the modification proposed by Evo to national constitution and the polemic proposal of MAS about gas,oil and land ownership.But besides electore must pronounce about territorial and autonomy of Departaments.The election in finished and Evo party obtain more or less 56% of votes,not enough to 2/3 mayority needed to have power to aprove without other little groups an parties as was the aim of Evo who said a 80% was his goals.But the autonomy of Central power is rejected.The oposition made tis a central issue in Santa Cuz department the second crowed in Bolivia and economic heart of Bolivia,and also in other minor territories.But Evo won in La Paz.The traditional elites in Bolivia are aware about
the steps of Evo who has a real popular charisma in the indigenous world as is the roots of Evo.The international policies of the government instead of the disrupt the
Morales has showed very pragmatic,and Morales itself a most best politician as said
the oposition and some press.This results make that the Morales detractors inside aon outside of country will be very cautious in the real reading of the election results.

Image:Google Images