Friday, December 28, 2007


Today in several places of the world is informed thar FARC the revolucionary army of Colombia has decided liberate 3 prisioner of war.One is Clara Rojas a lawyer and a politician woman the former secretaty of Betancourt also hostage who remain for several years as hostage in the middle of colombian selva,the other is Consuelo Gonzalez a fomer congresist and Emannuel the Clara son born in cautivity product of a sentimental relationships with a guerillero .Chavez have the credits.In fact the prisioner after the liberation must fly to venezuelan soil in venezuelan aircrat with the simbol of international Red Cross by colombian army demand .The problem is the action in batles including Farc and 20.000 soldiers colombian government.The operation involved representant of Argentina,Brasil,Bolivia,France and Venezuela.This last must give the logistic with aircrafts ans helicopters.The conditions of guerrilla leaders are the no army action in the times of lasting operation and that the free people must go to Venezuela.For Chavez is a good oportunity to show his political strong influence over Farc.But for Presidentr Uribe is a kind of diplomatic defeat because Colombia government appear with a pasive rol and acepting Farc conditions

Saturday, December 22, 2007


It seems a suspense film about a inteligence operation.He has all ingredients,money, custom police,governments officers,many air trips, and one american court and of course beautifull womens.Miami,Buenos Aires and Caracas are the locations..The theme.A bussinesman arive in a rented aircraft to international airport of Eseiza in Buenos Aires.A custom policeman found a suit case with US 800.000 no reported.Is not posible establish the money origin and the the finality.One witness say that was money as financial contribution to one candidate in Argentina.
Argentina authorities speak about a garbage inteligence operation.Other says that money came from Venezuela ,before argentinian demanded the capture of the principal suspect.Argentina make a statment about an inteligence operation in a moment that a new government asumption an to damage relationships betewen Chavez a Kitchner wife the new president.People involucrated are high employers and bussinesmen in energy business betewen both countries.USA ambasador in Buenos Aires make other statment saying that diplomatic ties betewen both countries are normal.To USA is only a legal issue but the shadows of doubts are in international press are and also on the air.Is not first time the connection money , international relations and geopolitcs.To argentinian the damage is done,Chavez mantain a low profile all world has before hear his opinion about USA policies to Venezuela.In Mercosur meeting all Presidents back Argentina.The affaire is just begining and nobody know where the 800.000 US are now and what is his legal owner.

Sunday, December 16, 2007


Last week four departaments of Bolivia make a statment about regional autonomy intentions.Santa Cruz a agroindustrial zone,Tarija with the main bolivian oil ressources,El Beni a livestock important pole and Pando on bolivian Amazones.This are the most developped an rich zones in Bolivia economy with 76% of bolivian revenues.The reason the contraversial new amendement to bolivian Constitution aprooved by theConstituyente asembly without the presence of opposition parties.The prefect a elected political figure and head in 4 Departaments are all opposite to Evo policies.This Sunday is a crucial day by the recall is to citizen to confirm the autonomies demands.Morales say that is a ilegal action outside contitution regulation,opposition remarks that the new constitution is also ilegal in the form.The central government has reinforces security in the main urban centers in prevention of incidents,specially in Santa Cruz de la Sierra also peasants of rural areas gather outside the city to defend Morales measures.Is a very explosive scenery.Evo Morales remember the fall of Sanchez de Losada the former elected president by many deaths people in other political confrontation.A former army general who take part in Che Guevara capture say today that army be neutral in eventual incidents.Morales say that the national integrity in in danger.Last November in incidents betewen manifestants and police in urban riots with 3 death people an order forces must went back.
Bolivia as a large history of territorial lost by wars lost with other countries or by bad diplomatic contraversial limits treaties.But now the demand begin inside Bolivia.Bolivia is a very complex country with a very low rate of developpment.A new territorial separation would be a no realistic action and a ghost of civil war is in the bolivian gates with not only economical damage to all bolivian society besides to political stability very scarce in the past.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Nobody knows the reason why Fujimori former peruvian president
made years ago a trip to Santiago de Chile in a private rented jet in circunstances was in a Interpol list demanded by Peru authorities by several legal demands particulary by human rights violation during his govenment.Is a bizarre issue.First in a international tour Fujimori resign the presidency by Fax and stay en Japan.In fact he have two nacionalities.In Chile was arrested and by a peruvian demand during long months must face to a extradition demand.The High chilean Justice Court aprove this year the extradition y was sended to Lima in a peruvian police aircraft.Since this day began not only several trials with Fujimori in a special jail.Yesterday a court read a sentence ofguilty of invasion of former inteligence chief Montecinos wife house in search of videos and other incrimination probes by security forces.The condemn 6 years in jail,Fujimori plead no guilty.
A clue is largely political, the peruvian public opinion es divided,many people thinks Fujimori is guilty of human rigth violations as La Cantuta masacre in where 13 persons died including a child by Colina a paramilitary inteligence group.But many other people are prone to think Fujimori was a good president and end the terrorist menace of Sendero Luminoso a marxist
group with similar aims as maoist.Also one daugther is a politician with a representation site in peruvian chamber of representants.Many people thinks that the Fujimori aims is return to political scenary and the best mean is the trial to show to peruvian Fujimori political staments.Is a very elusive situation and nobody knows the end of Fujimori affaire.But the worst alternative is if it found guilty of Cantuta action in this case must remain 30 years in prison an today Fujimori age is 69.
Image:Caretas Magazzine,Lima

Monday, December 10, 2007


Today in Buenos Aires Cristina Fernandez asume the argentinian Presidency.Nine state chief are in the city.The newspapers of the Argentina are not very interested in the fact,football and other local issues are more relevant.The reality that Madame K is the wife of the actual president mark a shadow of indiference about expectatives of real changes about the campaign promises.
The relevant issue happens yesterday when in Casa Rosada the government house 7 president sign a document making oficial the birth of South Bank,el Banco del Sur.A new south american bank with a initial capital og 7.000 milliones of US dollars.The members an financial sponsors are Brazil Bolivia,Paraguay,Uruguay,Argentina,Ecuator and Venezuela.After referundum defeat of Chavez this is a personal achivement.The Bank was a Chavez idea,also the localization of the main office be located in Caracas with two regional branches in La Paz and Buenos Aires.The aim is make a diferences with multilateral financial organization as FMI and BID acussed not only by Chavez also by Kitchner of make political pression to obtain that south american countries make in the past impopular politics to obtain credit devolution.The great proyect thinked inicially in the South Oleoduct a Chavez ambiciuos proyect to transport oil and gas from Venezuela to other countries of the southern areas,a very dificult and very expensive and tecnical complex.
Is not clear the relationships betewen trade an political agreements as Mercosur and the new Bank,but today Cristina new president make statments about Chavez contribution to union of south american countries an also Lula leadership.The times tell us in the future if thje South Bank was a real integration measure or was a new white elephant a no south american animal
but incorporated to the poltical fauna of social issues of this part of world.

Friday, December 07, 2007


Uruguay is a tiny country in comparation with Argentina both are over the Uruguay river as a natural frontier.The historical relationships were good till 2003 when the former Uruguay government make a agreement with a finland company to build a cellulose industry in Botnia in the Uruguay river area.The reaction began in Gualeguachu a middle city of Argentina near the border and with a bridge conection with Botnia.To day is a big diplomatic problem to Kitchner President an Tabare Vasquez.Both are member of Mercosur a very erratic trade and political agreement including besides Paraguay Brasil Bolivia and other asociated countries.To day uruguayan press say that Tabare Vasquez make presence in Kitchner wife new Argentina President Cristina assumption traveling by road to Buenos Aires and is argentinian authorities give garanties of a safe trip.The affair is a national issue 62% of uruguay people back Tabaré position.Argentina demanded International Court of Hay the diferendun solution.Many times the bridge is interrupted in argentinian side with dificulties to transport to Brasil an Chile goods.Tabare says that forest industry in crucial to economic develpment of Uruguay.The country has 800.000 artificial forest hectareas,Argentina also have 1.5 millions forest hectareas an more cellulose industries that Uruguay and very old manifactures.Is a posibility that Uruguay leave Mercosur.Other consecuence of Botnia issue is that Brasil also have a growing forest with 241 industrial factories and Paraguay is concerned.
The theme is very complex with political,ecological and economic implications.But is a consensus
that the more relevant aspect are nacionalism a very strong feeling in both countries.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007


The Sunday venezuelan referendum has many clues about Chavez defeat ands over the new political scenary for the next years.First many people thinks that was a bad choice make the option to change some articles of constitution in a country with the population with domestic problems to obtain some basic foods.In the last election Chavez won with 7 million of ballotage,Monday only obtain 4 million of votes.The diferences are not voters to oposition were no voters or abtention.Second factor Isaias Baduel a general very close to Chavez and former Defense Ministry.Baduel resign on July and after not agree with Chavez option to change the Constitution,both are army members and this is a very important issue in a government based in army stability a disence some armies groups are always a posibility in venezuelan politics.The Chavez incursion in politics was based in a former past as a young army oficial interested in publics affairs.The third element are universities student,is posible a elite group but for example Yon Goicoechea a 25 laws student surge after No wining as a natural leadership concerned about Venezuela social situation.His discourse moderate is a wise sign about a very pragmatic vision that Chavez is still a popular leader with 5o% of preferences and that if democracy work in five years more a opossite coalition with other program could repeat the Monday results.

Sunday, December 02, 2007


Today a colombian newspaper reproduce the text of a Ingrid Betacouncourt letter who was never sent neither delivered to his mother but is evidence that former candidat to President of Colombia is still alive.
Ingrid is a prisoner of Farc guerrilla for many years, she is a innocent people if is a crime have political ideas most people must be in jail.Farc action is not diferent of a mobil nazi concentration camp in the deep of colombian forest.The action is a very injust an cruel action because Ingrid is a woman a mother,and has no comitted any fault.Is a unwise and silly action who descredited Farc ideas mantain a harmles people as Ingrid in a irregular prison without trial and no charges,Beside the letter show a great damage not only phisical of Ingrid health.This action qualifies as a phisical an mental torture punish in every place as human right violation or International Court of Justice as war crimes if Farc says the is a army .The Betancout liberation is not a condition to talks betewen government and guerilla is a humanitarian necesary action without conditions.OEA must involve in this issue as a emblematic one and Chavez instead of break relationships with Colombia must use his influence over Farc guerrillas to liberate Ingrid,the same actions could be done by Lula and Correa Government both countries has means to show Farc that is not a minor issue if Farc aspire some day to envolve in legal political activities gain some credibility if liberate Ingrid Betancourt as soon as posible if is true his propaganda about popular aims of liberty to colombia people.The opposite and maintain Ingrid against his rights to live with his family and with a minimum of human decence is a barbaric and a criminal action of Farc and a international descredit to Marulanda eventual leadership.


Today in a audience wit NGO in Rome Pope Benedict XVI accuse international institutions of moral relativism ignores human dignity and the true about human conditions.In his view a erroneous concept about pacific coexistence based in a egocentric view about international order without space to poor nations necesities,economic short terms interest based in welfare of some rich countries.Also a selective defense of human rights with only considerations of needs of efluents society and forgett basic needs of weak societies who dont have power to make public his dramas as hunger,poverty and diseases.Pope think is a strong claim about a double discourse in international forums hidden the real problems of third world and puting other themes as more important as terrorism and making from center of human activities material needs including to a lavish level instead to worry about Sudan drama or iraquie daily genocide.
Moral relativism coined by Pope is a old concept of Catholic Church till to day in direction of private life,but is new claim to actual international order.If one think has a broad implication in international order.Bad trade conditions betewen Europe and most developped countries,segregation or exlusion to work in theses countries to migrants as mexican in USA or africans in France.monopole and high revenues in services on international american entreprises
on South america specially in basic services(telecomunication,water in great cities even the banking sistem).More dangerous a psicological brain washing demonizing about reformist politics who dont accept conditions of FMI or other puting the label of prone to social disorder or pro terrorist.Is nor first time Pope speak with his style of a mild person,but the important thing is that his statments are very strong and critic about unfair international practices and also a very strong defense of the essence of human dignity who refuse accept citizens of first and second class,the existence of absolute human rights as life,respect of individual culture and freedom to make social and political choices without interference of powerfull countries and his
economic or military menaces.