Thursday, August 31, 2006


Torres del Paine are gigantisc granite monolites shaped by the forces of glacial ice forming part of the national Park of the same name located in chilean Patagonia.The central tower is about 3.000 meters high an all the site size is 2.44 m2, was declared Biosphere reserve by Unesco in 1978.In 2005 a careless Czech backpaker illegaly used a gas stove caused a fire destroyed 160 km2 of the park,now is in replanting process with the assitance from Czech Republic.
The Park is surrounded by many glaciers and rivers and wild forests of lenga and coigue trees.Is also a bird reserve of austral cormoranes , many kinds of wilds ducks and some mamals as austral wolf,pumas and guanacos.Paine Towers is in the nearby of Magellan Strait connecting Atlantic and Pacific Ocean and the Drake Sea one of the most dangeours seas for navigation in all world.



Rufino Tamayo was one of the best mexican painter of XX Century.Instead of made his ouvre in USA and Europe his painting is full of pre hispanic mexican roots.A critic say that is plenty of ligth an colours of Mexican earth.His woks are in Metropolitan Museum of New York,Guggenheim Museum,the Smithsonian.The paint od Tamayo diggs into earth colors with primitive forms,is textural and hot.
In Hombre Mirando los Pajaros(Man looking Birds) depict a man waving his hands to passing birds like forms on an intensely pink field.

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Saturday, August 26, 2006


La Escondida is the greatest copper mine in all world.Located in Atacama Desert 170 kilometer southeast from Antofagasta in the North of Chile.Escondida production is 8% of world copper an 23.8% of chilean copper exports.Is property of a anlo-australian consortium calles BHP Billinton,export copper cathodes and concentrates to Japan,Canada,China,France,Sweden,South Korea and other countries.The production go outside by a own port,Coloso and to extract the mineral workers must moves about 350 million Ton by year.

Source:Minera la Escondida

Saturday, August 19, 2006


Le Monde today make analisis about the post war facts inside Israel.A general,chiel officer selling his shares before the begining of military actions.The tactical army error about the real power of fire of Hezbolah.The high cost of soldiers lifes when ONU resolution was a fact sending to win the Letani river borders.The poll says that only 30% of public oinion believes that Israel really won the war.The dismiss of Defense Minister are demanding 52% of people,and 42% in case of the general in charge of Mayor State Office.Only a wise voice,General Uri Saguy that says,this must make clear about the limitation of force use and the need for Israel to reach a political regional agreement.This are only the begining of enquires,but one issue is clear,now the political international situation is baddest for Israel than before of his irrealistic war.


Thursday, August 10, 2006


The New Scientistsay today that Monet London serie painted in this place during 1900 is a good references about the weather conditions,specially smog acording finding of Birmingham University Scientist.
Besides is it possible to find out about the particles made by the smog by the colours used in Monet paintings.
Monet was aware of the influence of smog in the athmosphere and on his influence in light perceive.This concern is showed by the correspondence with his wife where Claude are very concerned about no breaks in the clouds and not sign of sun.
According The Guardian Unlimited es also possible that colour of sunset can tell the size,density and composition of fog particles.with oily specks produce a yellowish green haze and soot particles giving a blueish hue.
Some art expert are exceptical,because says a paint is not a photography and in fact many London paisnt was conclude by Monet in France

Image Claude Monet,Sunrise

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Is a esterotipe not only outside but inside Latino America (South an Central America) that latino culture is nature dominated,great mountains,beautifull beaches,much folklore,amazing people,military influence in governments,and of course corruption and drugs.But this vision is a misunderstanding ,below this surface each country has is own culture deeply anchored in his history.
Chilean case is not well known but reflex a complex intelectual development based
in the different stages of the history and world influence.A chilean utopia is not recent and reflex some particularities of his people who in the moment shared some values with other cultures.
This was developed in three stages:First Period 1848-1910 a mixed society dominated by spanish people,the patriots remaining and decendents of conquerour.With a strong mindend religous values centered in agriculture culture and family a closed society,autarquic.Who could call the caballeros culture who profit the great land extensions worked by indian mixed population the most poor class and with literature
developped as landlord families themes.Was a very static culture without exterior contacts,only some trade of agricultural comodities to Perou or California markets,but in the last period a very interesting thing happens; the emergence in North of a new subculture based in nitrate mines with a new tipe of semi industrial workers and with demands to international owner,was the begining of the worker culture not
well reflexted in oficialor elites culture,till today is a hidden culture who disapear after the world crush of 1929.

Image: Nemesio Antunez eigth volcanos

Thursday, August 03, 2006


Irak is invaded by USA and some countries coalition.Are not a mandate of ONU for operation,but the aim is liberate a people from a dictatorship.Israel invade Libanon in pursuite of Hezbolah as terrorist without international resolution and destroy all the infrastructure of country killing till today about 400 civilian many women and children.
Is not new the latinoamerican knows in the past open military interventions of USA in Grenada,Panama,Cuba and more hidden operation to desastibilizate governments elected by people .In the past the enemies was comunism,now are terrorism,tomorrow?Always appears a new "enemy".
USA say is the champion of liberty and democracy,but his means is most economic than a social matter.After the intervention come the economics trusts that has the profit goal not the improvment in social conditions of people where they installed.
The problem are when economical interest of private investors are mixed with international policies of powerfull countries.Lobies,use of diplomatic resources,inteligence,pressures or carrots to local politician and other less sophisticated instruments are used to win the aprovement of local elites from avantages of free asociation.
But un the reality the actions are ambigous,in the moment to make deals the free market not work to agricultural comodities of second and three world ,Europa and USA subsides own farmers.
Free circulations of people,any american or european can if he want work in Latinoamerica,Africa or Asia countries.But this not work in the oposite sense.
No nuclear energy development to poor countries,but free to make use os this to developped world including in military uses.
A african or serbian leaders make genocidies is direcioned to International Penal
High Court in Hague,but citizen of USA are excluded.Two standars?
All this examples indicated a dangerous international ethic practices imposed in the last years.
The most unethical issues as poverty,polution,environment degration,arms trafic,hunger an disease are second rang issues derivated to international agencies without political power of action.
The problem is the common people in the world are nor stupid and understand the facts,and not empty words.A modern world cannot applies demodee practices of XVIII or XIX world face to XXI Century.