Thursday, August 09, 2007


A forescat released shows that alternative communication advertising is growing with Internet rate expanding 48% yearly against 9.5% in press media.Internet advertising is expected to become the largest ad segment in 2011, surpassing newspapers.Reason,time and money borrowed.Advertising by the web are more efficient to advertiser and consumers in time the people access from his home,office and also from the street to Internet..One of the most potencial growing area are blogs.With someone with a half or a million visit daily are a valuable area and also a study tarjet to the advertising industry.But is no a easy task include them in the moment to negociate.Bloggers are a new kind of social actor,many have not interest in money ,are more concerned about blog contents.Besides many visitors dislike when see much propaganda in a blog.The idealistc aura of a blogger fall sometimes with air trips promotions,gadget and others.Ther etical alterntive may a be a correct balance contents and a minumun promotion of advertising.Other alternative for the advertiser companies is have his own blogs to promote products and service.The problem is only very needed people use them and dont work with a new product.In my case I dont include in my blogs any kind of advertisemment.In my latino american mentality business are not in my blogging aims.Besides I dont understand very much the dinamic of technologies to advertise in blogs. Other controversiaL issue are iclude political propaganda one of the most demanded area of growing in the future.But is this another post issue.

Based in a article of Le Monde

Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Al least 100 play records of clasical music belonging to Hitler remains 63 years in the hands of a former russian inteligence officer who dies at Moscow.Surprise the Fuhrer collection includes
russian authors as Borodin,Rachmaninof and Tchaikosky played by jewish concertist as Brosnilaw Huberman who was banned of german concert halls by racial segregation.Huberman must leave Germany for political reasons and was publicly declared an enemy of the Third Reich.Other is the piano player Arthur Schnabel also a austrian jewish.
Lew Besymenski the name of the russian officer was in charge after the fall of nazism to interrogate the general of german army and found the collection into Bunker Chancellery ruins in 1945 at Berlin.Other surprise was the inclusion of russian authors named by Hitler as sub human without contribution to cultural heritage.The rest of play records are from Beethoven,Bruknner and of course Wagner.
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Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Today is growing the concern about FMD outbreak(Foot and Mouth Disease) on Britain.
The main concern are about the safety level in animal disease research centers working with live material as virus.FMD is nos dagerous to population butr que question is if were a center working with avian flu material?.The ohter concern are abotu economnic damage to farmers.Certainly may be some mitigation measures but the culling of animals are a nigthmare
to many as a remember of others outbreaks.Another issue es la strong capacities of a old virus as FMD to mutate.In Medicine a high virus mutation rate maker very a not easy task find a vaccine.Some countirs take measures to limit the animal transit to his market.In USA,USDA a USDA's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) has released the following statement regarding the outbreak of food and mouth disease (FMD) in Britain that was confirmed over the weekend:
“USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) is closely monitoring an emerging animal disease situation in the United Kingdom. Foot-and mouth-disease (FMD), a highly contagious viral disease of cattle, swine, and other cloven-hooved ruminants, has been detected on a farm in Surrey, England. FMD is not transmissible from animals to humans, but it does have serious implications for animal agriculture in any country where the disease is detected.
“Immediately, USDA is placing restrictions or prohibitions, depending on the type of product and level of processing, on all UK products derived from any FMD susceptible species. This includes any products already en route to the United States. All live ruminants and ruminant products are currently prohibited due to bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE). However, swine meat and by-products are now prohibited/restricted.
“APHIS has alerted the Department of Homeland Security’s Customs and Border Protection (CBP) that effective August 3, the United States is placing a ban on all UK products derived from any FMD susceptible species. We will be working closely with our counterparts at CBP to ensure that these products are not imported into the United States and that travelers from the United Kingdom do not bring prohibited products back to the United States.
“USDA has a strong system in place for detecting and responding to outbreaks of foreign animal diseases, including FMD in the United States. This system begins with a cadre of USDA accredited private veterinary practitioners who partner with livestock producers and APHIS to report any suspected foreign animal disease cases to state and federal officials.
"When a possible case of a foreign animal disease is reported, APHIS works with the state involved to immediately dispatch one of more than 400 specially trained foreign animal disease diagnosticians to the scene.
“We will continue to closely monitor the situation in the United Kingdom.”
Main Source Ag Web;Today News Notes


Today Huffington Post based in a Whashington Post report and BBC inform than at least 192.000 AK-47 rifles and other minor weapons are not founded in Irak after that in 2004-2005 period were delivered by americans to build a iraqui security forces based in the police.The concern is if they are been used against Usa military personal and civilian by insurgent en the last 3 years.The same fenomen is probably exist in Afghan weapons delivery.The accounting of weapons is not clear about his numbers.besidess weaken the argument that Iran and Siria are the mostly providers of weapons to iraquie insurgency.