Friday, November 30, 2007


Sunday russian must elect a new Duma the equivalent of a representants chamber and the most named no oficial candidate is Wladimir Putin the actual Rusia leader of government that must leave his position nex year.In fact the election is focus as a referendum over United Russia his party and Putin political action in the last years.Putin es a popular people but not enough to reach a 50% in survey.Is not clear the result.Opositionto Putin denounces inequal access in advertisemens facilities specially in TV.Other acuses intervention and presure over voters about,many oferts on some services are offers including scarces foods,some facilities at work or universities ans either doctors atending the ballotage day or free hair cuts.Russia is a very complex political scenary.A new generation of young people is more positive to new economy an the market liberalizacion.But older generation who lives all his lifes in a state rule as provider of works,health care,education are less prone to accept the new situation and Putin reforms.A clue of the election if is enough arguments a more dinamic economy based in high revenues of oil and the crowded streets of Moscu with Mercedes and other occidental made cars and the irruption of a new rich class who have international place in the european jet set.Comunist ideology is far to be popular but to many russian is a remember of a nostalgic past of a international superpower forgetting human rigth advancements and the dark days of KGB power over russian society.But also this new capitalism in russian style is contraversial about corruption episodes, and ilicit enrichment of few people profiting of state colapse economy.Putin power is in scrutinySunday but also a plebicit about the future roads of Rusia society in the next decade,but one thing is certain the older Russia can not win to the new Russia.

Thursday, November 29, 2007


Last week 155 members of MAS the leftist Morales political coalition the Constituyente Asembly make a meeting in a military recint in Santa Cruz de la Sierra without the oposition members presence and make legal the contraversial New Bolivia Constitution.Consecuences riots in Santa Cruz streets and 3 dead people.Today bolivian press say that seven of nine Departament of the country are without activities as a protest to Morales Constitution.The articles of new legal carta magna more contraversial is one who instaure politic control of autorities elected by the blolivian indian population about 60% of 10 million inhabitants.Other is a new political division of the country and other who gives to rural comunities the ownership of land and water.The political enemies os Morales are located in urban cities with more developped departaments as Santa Cruz,Tarija and Cochabamba.Other great discussion is the partage of oil and gas revenues,today established to geografical areas in where oil and gas es produced.Other groups in the oppisition to MAS politics are some profesional as lawyer that say has ilegal backgrounds and is not a western style political text.But it seems that Morales popularity in poor people specially in indigen etnias and a very amorphe oposition with contradictory interest make very dificult today think in a military intervention traditional in bolivian political life.Today is posible that the most of army forces are on back of Constitution elected president


Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Nobody knows why colombian President Uribe agree with leftist Hugo Chavez the venezuelan leader to make peace conversation with Farc guerillas to obtain a humanitarian agreement to liberate a hundred of political prisioner including 3 american citizen,a former candidat to Colombia Presidence as Ingrid Betancourt and many colombias politics an military personal.First because the change demanded by Farc included 500 people active ex guerilla members some one in american prisions by drugs activities or guerrilla activities.Second because the political risk was more to Uribe government,Chavez in a very complicate times must afford this Sunday a crucial election to find a aproval to changes in contitucional status and without security to obtain the mayority.But in international field the winner could be Chavez
in political colombian field the venezuelan President have a plus as a mediator in a very sensible affair a guerrilla lasting 43 years with thousand of causualities most civilian displaced people disturbing all economic and social life also with political consecuences to create a atmosfer to economic colombia development.Today Uribe has said that is ended the comision to Chavez and make signal to try make direct talks with guerrillas leaderships a matter with very bad positive result in the past.Other consecuence is the Chavez anger who recall is ambassador in Bogota today.Al journal of Bogota make today a public survey and 52% people think that the most damage is Colombia if Chavez break relationships.The other matter not very clear to public opinion is why Uribe demanded mediation and after said that whas because Chavez intent talk with directly with high colombian army forces officials or eventually with Farc guerrillas comand.The affair is far to end.Colombia depend many of venezuelan oil and Chavez have no interest to appear in international world as a protector or promotion of guerrilla activities.The ghost of Castro is always present and both need find a solution to guerrilla prisioner affair to his
political presence in the next years.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


source:ART DAILY


In rethorics of international mass media last time is plenty of biased information about latin america political changes.A very simplist point of view is concerned about the presence in many countries of elected governments with popular indian population of not political traditional establishment roots.Bolivia is one good example,Morales has a very huge popular leadership.His program is not a radical one.Many reforms are recomendations of international institutions as Fao as a more
equal access to land by indian poor pesant population.Oil affair program is more
modest as many Opec countries.Chavez issue is other face of the same fenomen.All people forgott about the venezuelan governments in the last 50 years.Instead of profit of oil revenues to build a developped country,money was wasted and issues as education,public health and social conflicts based a bad wealth distribution was the door to Chavez election.Ecuador is other example.Is a very bad international politic say that all politic outside of USA or Europa union politics are a danger to free democracy models.A country with 200 US dollar of people/Revenue by year is nota democratic one only for elect a person to President .This kind of democracy is a bad propaganda to western democracies. The last Meeting in Santiago is posible a turning point in the change of focus in latin america demands to improve social conditions of poor and very poor segments in population.Chavez speech interruption by Spain King Carlos is a sign of unrealistic vision of latin american problems.When are many international economics interest of transnational spanish companies with the ownwership of electrical or telepfonic services in many countries a King is in the best approach a politic representant of spanish people but not a person in charge to protect directories or bad images of private entreprises.Developped countries must learn to hear societies voices and not only manager voices,because the wind of times are changing.And if intelectual and political elites in developed countries ignore the fact,is a high posibility to wake up with a huracan over his heads.

Monday, November 26, 2007


A canadian ship with 154 tourist of all nacionalities sink this week end at Antartica sea waters after colude with a under water iceberg like a modern remind of Titanic ,the piece of ice made a hole in the ship metalic structure.Is not the first sea accident in South pole area.About 6.000 tourist people the mayority of efluent countries came last year to the area in 12 countries flag ships.Many more remain all year in many european and north american built station making scientifics activities.Last month Britain make a announce about UK intentions to claim about 600.000 kilometers square of antartic land.This statment concern Chile and Argentina who are the nearest countries in Antartica bounderies.Antartica area have a ambigous status many powerfull countries are on back of scientist thinking in a future the ice continent is a promise of oil and mineral demands for mantain industrial growth.The posibility of both in Antartica soil is large.Spite of logistics dificulties a huge price and tecnological new devices make real in the near future a comercial explotation.A old international treaty forbinding this issue and weapons existence in Antartica but is not a garantee of no frictions in the future.In fact the tourists onf Explorere were very lucky people when happens the accident in the nearby of a chilean station.Japan also made all years a "scientific sacrifice of about 1.000 whales but the hidden reason is whale meat consumation by japonese people.The Explorer sink is a probe od change in iceberg population in the last year bery huge iceberg about 100 kilometer large are now free on Antartic Ocean and thousand of regular ans tiny pieces equal to ship Explorer damage.Many scientific says that this is a direct consecuence of global warming an future claims land an more people living in Antartica is a real danger to Antartica weak living ecosistem.Drilling for oil search like Artic in Antartica could be a world suicide,is time to agree declare Antartica a World heritage without oil and mineral explotation and without military weapons.