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I think that I shall never see
a poem lovely as a tree
A tree whose hungry mouth is prest
Against the earth sweet flowing breast
A tree that loks at God all day
And lifts her leafy arms to pray
A tree that may in summer wear
a nest of robins in her hair;
Upon whose bosom lives with rain.
Poems are made by fools like me,
But only God can make a tree.(From Joyce Kilmer 1886-1918)
Pile the bodies high at Austerlitz and Waterloo,
Shovel them under an let me work.
I am tge grass;I cover all.
And pile them high at Gettysburg
And pile them high at Ipres and verdun
Shovel them under and let me workçTwi years,ten years,and passengers ask ther conductor:
Whar pace is this?
Where are we now?
I m the grass let my work
(From:Carl Sandsburg,born 1878)
Images;Gustav Klimt,left,Forest,rigth The Field

Thursday, November 30, 2006


Societies are like people,diferent in culture,value. :The error of maxism anD nazism was dont understand a scientific evidence.The value of search diferent methods used by nature and men to solve his biological and social paradigms.Democracy is a value,but without bread and water in nothing to people.We must respect the freedom to imagine God as Mahoma,Christ,Buda or Mr. Smith.Trial and error have a limit America can not impose a american way of democracy.Are other options.Antrophology give clues about
"primitive" societies in Oceania , Africa and Amazonia have a strutured and complex system to order social life..and happy.Many people dont like to eat burger with cheese,we must respect this little options.Human brains are the same but people must choice different,this is freedom.
Other things are only biased and egoist view about human nature.

Monday, November 06, 2006


To day iraqui court condemn Sadam Hussein the former PrEsident of Irak to death by hanging.Is a tactical great mistake.In a country with amercan and coalition force prsence,rejected ny native population.With a growing spiral against civil victims was a irrational action.A USA army with no clear reasons to remain. with a monthly rate above 100 soldiers.With a dislocasted civil society in the verge of a civil war.Badly a death of Hussein after a contraversial trial with a judge panel without cool brains is a worst notice for all.Civilian more causalites of inocent children and women.With a produtive structure in caos.Wih internal corruption about external aids.Is a gloomy landscape.What come next.?A pseudo democratic right wing government
viewed by international and iraqui comunity as puppet of USA?.With a international comunity seeing americans exterior policy as a worst solution to a bad regime.
USA is is a wise country must left Irak and let irakie people to solve his own problems.The begining of all as a retalation to 11 September in USA is a simplistic approach to a very complex issue.The americans must understand that other peoples are also human being with the same neurone structure and nobody give them a free mandat to work as a a police force in charge of world "Peace task Force"

Saturday, November 04, 2006


Was in Delhi India about 1719,two mogol emperors had a dicsusion about the best oprtunity to leave in a military expedition.No astronomical observation existed abot the best planet position to decide the glory of the warriors..Conclusion one of them
Maradjah Sawai Jai Singh II began to build a serial of observatories aroun his kingdom.The more famous and the most beatiful was ans is Jaipur.A very complex of buildings to make astronomical and astrological observations an predictions.A huge sun watch give the 24 hours with a only two second of diference.Haipur has a complex
mape of the planet and stars location in the universe.Other name is Jantar Mantar(instrument of calculation) is one of the most beatiful practical momuments of the all world.His yard is like a scultures park.

More information: The Jaipur Observatory

Friday, November 03, 2006


Imagine South America like a huge iceberg in a polar sea.On surface democratic formal societies working in a umbrella of neoliberal rules.The guide in all issues including politics afairs are the Market.But this model besides dont resolve social problems dont have security to reach and make developped countries.The most emergent economies growing 5% in PIB yearly increase the gap with most developped contries of first world.Below the sea level are a mayority of people on line of poverty formed by no land men in Brasil,Colombia,Perou,Bolivia,"The two dolar per day people".Migrating impoverihed people to great cities forming poverty belts.Riots,delincuence,drugs,guerrillas are son of lack of work,education and discrimination. The roots are inside the societies,political parties represents class interest.The right wing are owner of economical factors as land,banks,Universities and the brain trust of the societies.The left wing parties are cupular represent only a tiny average of real population,without real proposal of solution.In this scenary politics as activity obtain in all countries the most bad cualifications.New forms of participation emerges as ecologist movements,indians people organizations,sexual minorities,sudents demanding best standards of education as Chile.Miner workers demanding the properties of mines in Bolivia are examples that new referent are changing the social power balance.Democracies en the next decade shall a new face wit other actors.If the actuaL elites dont understand the new reality,the greenhouse effect and his consecuence the rise of water level and the melting of iceberg colapse the societies and in the initial caos many people will die by the wave of social reforms.

Imagen :Revuelta Campesina in Google

Thursday, November 02, 2006


If you can keep your head when all about you
are loosing theirs and blaming it on you
if you can trust yourself when all men doubt you
but make allowance for their doubting too
if yu can wait and not be tired by waiting,
or being lied about,dont deal on lies ,
or being hated dont give way to hating,
and yet look too goood,nor for talk too wise

in you can dream and not make dreams your master;
if you can think and dont make thoughts your aim,
if you can meet with triumph and disaster
and treat those two imposters just the same;
if you can bear to hear the truth you you ´ve spoken
twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,
or watch the things you gave your life to ,broken,
and stoop and build ém up with worn-out tools;
If you can make a heap of all your winnings,
and risk it one,turn of pitch and toss,,
and lose and start again at your beginning
and never breathe a word about your loss,
If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
to serve your turn,log after their are gone
and so hold on when there is nothing in you,
except the will wich says to them ,hold on.
if you can talk with crowds and keep you virtue,
or walk with Kings-nor lose the common touch,
if neither foes nor loving firend can hurt you,
if all men count with you bu none too much ,
if you can fill the unforgiving minute
with sixty seconds worth of distance run
yours is the earth and everything that is in it
and wich is more you´ll be a man,my son.

Rudyard Kipling 1897

Image,Seurat,french painter.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006


"Each poem is different.Often the first line is a gift.I dont know if from the Gods or from that mysterious faculty called Inspiration.I wrote the first verses as if someone were silently dictating then to me.I am surprise at the fluidity with the lines apeared one after other.They came from far off and from nearby,from within my own chest.Suddenly the current stopped flowing.I read what I write,and I dindt have to change a thing.But is only the beginning,and I had no idea where those lines were going.A few days later I tried to get started again,not in a passive way but trying to orient and direct the flow of verses.I write again.I stopped.I went back in a few later and little by little,I began to discover the theme of the poem and where it was all heading.It is a kind of review of my life,a resurrection of my experiences,my concerns,my failures,my obsessions.I realized I am living the end of my youth and that poem was simultaneously the end and a new begining"

Octavio Paz,mexican poet,Nobel Prize of Literature
Image: A Mural by Diego Rivera,mexican painter.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Today I saw a article in a national newapaper about the conclusion of a survey about a ranking of environement sustentability around the diferent countries in the world.How the people and comunities take care or not of forest,water natural resources as lakes,rivers,glaciers also wild fauna and native flora.The results.Cuba is in first place in care of environement,many countries of South American also are well ranked.But USA,Sweden,Norway and many industrial countries are in bad places.The problem is in ONU by example are not a world auhority in charge of regulate and care the air,the earth,the clima the plants,the animals and the people who lives inside the planet?.Kioto protocol?How many developed countries had not yet sign?Reasons,monetary short reasons.But what is the economic cost of biodiversity?What is the economic lost of a specimen lost?And is not one are many.
We lost ice in North area as glaciers in Groenland,if temperature rise a few Celsius in long term we lost not only some biodiversity on sea ,also is posible to loose earth in many countries.Some people said that this is a natural proces and always in the earth history we had changes of clima and biodiversity.But now is a new paradigm.We are helping to desgradate our nature with polution.He question is if we have high tecnologies why the wealth countries make a erroneus economical policies
with a short point of view like a old king of France that before the French Revolution said;"Apres de moi,le deluge".

Image:Google,rigth,Perito Moreno glacier,Argentina.Left a factory

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


The diference is narrow in last Sunday election.Lula obtain a 48.7% and Alckmin a 41.6% of 168 millions people voters.A named "Dossier Gate" more seems a Lula Gate a scandal about 8 members of PT involved in potencial buying of material testimonial of opossite politicians in corruption activities,eroded Lula popularity.But he is optimist and with humour.He said today that in October 29 ballotage he will be the winner.The former ex Governor of Sao Paulo Geraldo Alckmin is also optimistic ,a tiny 6 % og votes is his hope.But the key of e definition is in the hands of a woman,Heloisa Helena a Senator disident of PT party,both needs her votes.She declares today neutrality.The following 26 days will be a large waiting for the two candidates.Lula has make promise in the alternative of he is re elected make a national party government including oposition.

Image: a brazilian peasant
Sources:brazilian press

Saturday, September 30, 2006


Next 1º October brazilian to to ballot to elect a new President.The polls give a Ingacio Lula Da Silva the actual presenden with the best chances,nearly 50% of popular preferences.Geardo Alckrim has the second chance.Brazil is the largest country in Latin America and people says that what happens en there is a political trend to others countries.Lula a former metalurgical worker of PT party(Workers Party) made a government of ortodox macroeconomies lines and a a social aid program(La Bolsa de la Familia) for empoverished 11 million peoples who cost nearly 4.000 US million yearly.Certainly the country has benefited from extraordinary favorable global conditions since 2002.Inflation in under control.But is in the best of cases Brazil is a emergent economy.Lula.Many left old adherents of Lula are disapointed with the course od actions an prefer a woman ex PT ,Heloisa Herrera the third most voted with 10% of preferences.The popular worries;reduction of public expenses,more privatization(Petrobras,some State Banks).Other unsolved problem is no land reform
made and the growing mouvement of "without Land" and many lands in a tiny goups of landlords.Corruption and violence,people said about armed gangs of young people en the great cities.But the more dificult task to Lula is rewin the leardership of Latin America international policy and economical trends that in the last time is eroded by Hugo Chavez the charismatic and controversial Venezuela President.

Image:Monumento to workers in Brazilia in Google
And :Infobrazil

Friday, September 29, 2006


I grew,drenched by nature's waters,
like a molusk in ocean phosphor:
in me shattered brine reverberated,
and laid down my poper skeleton.
How to explain.Almost without movementçof azure and bitter breath,
one by one the waves repeated
what I gave out,and throbbed,
tine brine and juice formed me:
the disdain,the desire of a wave,
the green rhythm that from the hidden bulk
lifted up a translucent edifice,
that secret,it clasped to itself,and so
I sensed that I might pulse as it did:
that my song might grow with the waters.

From;Pablo Neruda chilean poet,Memorial de Isla Negra
Image:Henry Moore 1895,english painter in Google

Thursday, September 28, 2006


In 1607 arrived to South America the first group of jesuits priest to the very hearth of the continent.A huge teritory including all actual Paraguay,a part of center of Brasil,some territories of Argentina and Bolivia,Uruguay and Chile.Was named the Jesuitic Province of Paraguay as much land than actual Europe.At the time all this part was Spain colonies property of Spanish kingdom,his frontier were a ambigous line acroos rivers ann wild forest,separated from portuguese dominion.
During 150 years 50 jesuits men worked with the guarani people about 140.000 people in a pacific mode.The missioners understood quickly the guarani culture based in comunitarian work systems and with strong familiar ties.Together developed a high sopthisticated agricultural cultures as yerba mate culture improving the plants.The priest were botanists,zoologists,mathematician,antrophologists.The made a Peculiar University.Till today in botany nomination guarani idiom is the third with more nomimations after latin and greek.
With the jesuitic cooperation they gathered about 725.000 cattle herd ,95.000 horses and 230.000 sheeps.They developped factories as musical instrument and prints and many huge contructions was made including Churches,Comunitary houses for widows and orphans child,part of this remains as ruins.The missions was a Eden copy in a hard colonization systems developped by the spaniard who treated indigenous people as slaves.
But in 1978 all ended jesuitic order was banned from all spanish only the ruins and the guarani people are the testimony of a real heritage of wise men
in a very hostile Century worked together with guarani and this people was treated as human beings.

Imagen:Missions Ruins Google
more information:Survival

Saturday, September 16, 2006


distant and alone

black pony,big moon,
olives in my saddlebag.
though I know these roads,
I' ll never reacho Córdova

Trough the plains,trough wind,
black pony,red moon,
death watching me
from the high towers of Córdova

Ay! What a long road.
Ay! What brave pony.
Ay! Death,you will take me,
on the road to Cordova.

distant and alone

Poem from Federico Garcia Lorca spanish poetry
Image Gustav Klimt.

Friday, September 15, 2006


I was thinking about the wars cost for South american countries en the last 100 years.This include not only the civilian casualities,ther damage in the productive
areas and specially how much cost before and after the real war the mantain huges armies.Brasil,Chile,Venezuela,and seeems me Colombia has not wars in the last one hundred years.The only war was the Malvinas in Argentina against Britain and the Chaco war including bolivian an paraguayan armies by a potencial oil area demostred
without reserves after the war.Other little incidents were betewen Equator an Perou by limits divergences.
The issue is how much cost to the no war countries mantain a navy,air an ground army
during this period and the alternative uses for the money in education,health care an industrial development.Are tiny countries without army as Costa Rica and some european countries.a second hipotesis is if you have armies with soldiers who spend all his life in a no world war are a strogn posiblility of political involvement of
them in civilian afairs including government.Other conclusion is thas military political envolvment make of them a real political power and in the past many internal turmoil or social dificulties are excuse to military envolvement.One conclusion are if South America want emulate the European Comunity must first make a regional agreement about limits armies spending and a political one about irrationality of national frontiers in the XXI Century.




I saw some personal blog from USA and many from latin area,specially Chile.The diference.Usa blogger are more individualistic an very pragmatic.People speaks about her or his life in the day,in the instant.No many references to other persons.People says about the problem has in mind.generaly the work,tell about his nuclear family,husband,wife,sons.The great ideas you can find only is specific matter blogs(politics,economy,social issues).
On the other side Latin blogs are more evasive about job activities or private about nuclear families.The blog mix diferent issues,politics, comments about international news ans sports.Are more evasive about the person worries and are very aware to obtain a kind of reply from other persons.Some are intented to find friends or relationships.
This could be a stereotipe but is a first landcape about the diferences.
My doubt are what are more competitive about ranking,I believes both.The barrier in intercultural blogs are idioms and y have other doubt about the translation devices if t¡it work to make a multilingual blog.

Image:Google Internet

Thursday, September 14, 2006


We in Latin America have the easy understanding that poverty roots come outsides our societies.The great economics groups,the wealthy countries,the lack equality en international trade relationships.But this is also a easy answer for the problem.
The problems issue is a internal one of our national societies.Certainly the economy
is a tool for development,but first we must understand that our social structure is bad constructed.We must made social reforms and have a culture of new social order.Our principal wealth are people and is a scandal waste capacities of wok of many young and even women outside of work market.The first human rigth is to find a job.Poor people made less rich to the more wealthy groups and is a kind of imperfect
democracy.Have no sense speak of liberty to poor people,or human values to people who has no access to basic education and health care.People are not goods in the market,the time of slavey are gone,really?Is not so clear for many little peasant
without land tenure.Is make no sense have a first,second even third education categories according the pocket.Minimize the state rol can be good in some oportunities,but we can not emulate developed societies.Our road is other,free market well but in proportion when he is really free.Market is a entelequia to poor.
They must find a atmosphere of promotion of his talents by state and the society.Is a bad solution a tiny population segment(5% or 15%) with 70% of national income.And developped countries must understand that first issue is resolve poverty and not
terrorism,the roots of terrorism are young people without job and education.

Image:water and poverty

Thursday, August 31, 2006


Torres del Paine are gigantisc granite monolites shaped by the forces of glacial ice forming part of the national Park of the same name located in chilean Patagonia.The central tower is about 3.000 meters high an all the site size is 2.44 m2, was declared Biosphere reserve by Unesco in 1978.In 2005 a careless Czech backpaker illegaly used a gas stove caused a fire destroyed 160 km2 of the park,now is in replanting process with the assitance from Czech Republic.
The Park is surrounded by many glaciers and rivers and wild forests of lenga and coigue trees.Is also a bird reserve of austral cormoranes , many kinds of wilds ducks and some mamals as austral wolf,pumas and guanacos.Paine Towers is in the nearby of Magellan Strait connecting Atlantic and Pacific Ocean and the Drake Sea one of the most dangeours seas for navigation in all world.



Rufino Tamayo was one of the best mexican painter of XX Century.Instead of made his ouvre in USA and Europe his painting is full of pre hispanic mexican roots.A critic say that is plenty of ligth an colours of Mexican earth.His woks are in Metropolitan Museum of New York,Guggenheim Museum,the Smithsonian.The paint od Tamayo diggs into earth colors with primitive forms,is textural and hot.
In Hombre Mirando los Pajaros(Man looking Birds) depict a man waving his hands to passing birds like forms on an intensely pink field.

Image Google

Saturday, August 26, 2006


La Escondida is the greatest copper mine in all world.Located in Atacama Desert 170 kilometer southeast from Antofagasta in the North of Chile.Escondida production is 8% of world copper an 23.8% of chilean copper exports.Is property of a anlo-australian consortium calles BHP Billinton,export copper cathodes and concentrates to Japan,Canada,China,France,Sweden,South Korea and other countries.The production go outside by a own port,Coloso and to extract the mineral workers must moves about 350 million Ton by year.

Source:Minera la Escondida

Saturday, August 19, 2006


Le Monde today make analisis about the post war facts inside Israel.A general,chiel officer selling his shares before the begining of military actions.The tactical army error about the real power of fire of Hezbolah.The high cost of soldiers lifes when ONU resolution was a fact sending to win the Letani river borders.The poll says that only 30% of public oinion believes that Israel really won the war.The dismiss of Defense Minister are demanding 52% of people,and 42% in case of the general in charge of Mayor State Office.Only a wise voice,General Uri Saguy that says,this must make clear about the limitation of force use and the need for Israel to reach a political regional agreement.This are only the begining of enquires,but one issue is clear,now the political international situation is baddest for Israel than before of his irrealistic war.


Thursday, August 10, 2006


The New Scientistsay today that Monet London serie painted in this place during 1900 is a good references about the weather conditions,specially smog acording finding of Birmingham University Scientist.
Besides is it possible to find out about the particles made by the smog by the colours used in Monet paintings.
Monet was aware of the influence of smog in the athmosphere and on his influence in light perceive.This concern is showed by the correspondence with his wife where Claude are very concerned about no breaks in the clouds and not sign of sun.
According The Guardian Unlimited es also possible that colour of sunset can tell the size,density and composition of fog particles.with oily specks produce a yellowish green haze and soot particles giving a blueish hue.
Some art expert are exceptical,because says a paint is not a photography and in fact many London paisnt was conclude by Monet in France

Image Claude Monet,Sunrise

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Is a esterotipe not only outside but inside Latino America (South an Central America) that latino culture is nature dominated,great mountains,beautifull beaches,much folklore,amazing people,military influence in governments,and of course corruption and drugs.But this vision is a misunderstanding ,below this surface each country has is own culture deeply anchored in his history.
Chilean case is not well known but reflex a complex intelectual development based
in the different stages of the history and world influence.A chilean utopia is not recent and reflex some particularities of his people who in the moment shared some values with other cultures.
This was developed in three stages:First Period 1848-1910 a mixed society dominated by spanish people,the patriots remaining and decendents of conquerour.With a strong mindend religous values centered in agriculture culture and family a closed society,autarquic.Who could call the caballeros culture who profit the great land extensions worked by indian mixed population the most poor class and with literature
developped as landlord families themes.Was a very static culture without exterior contacts,only some trade of agricultural comodities to Perou or California markets,but in the last period a very interesting thing happens; the emergence in North of a new subculture based in nitrate mines with a new tipe of semi industrial workers and with demands to international owner,was the begining of the worker culture not
well reflexted in oficialor elites culture,till today is a hidden culture who disapear after the world crush of 1929.

Image: Nemesio Antunez eigth volcanos

Thursday, August 03, 2006


Irak is invaded by USA and some countries coalition.Are not a mandate of ONU for operation,but the aim is liberate a people from a dictatorship.Israel invade Libanon in pursuite of Hezbolah as terrorist without international resolution and destroy all the infrastructure of country killing till today about 400 civilian many women and children.
Is not new the latinoamerican knows in the past open military interventions of USA in Grenada,Panama,Cuba and more hidden operation to desastibilizate governments elected by people .In the past the enemies was comunism,now are terrorism,tomorrow?Always appears a new "enemy".
USA say is the champion of liberty and democracy,but his means is most economic than a social matter.After the intervention come the economics trusts that has the profit goal not the improvment in social conditions of people where they installed.
The problem are when economical interest of private investors are mixed with international policies of powerfull countries.Lobies,use of diplomatic resources,inteligence,pressures or carrots to local politician and other less sophisticated instruments are used to win the aprovement of local elites from avantages of free asociation.
But un the reality the actions are ambigous,in the moment to make deals the free market not work to agricultural comodities of second and three world ,Europa and USA subsides own farmers.
Free circulations of people,any american or european can if he want work in Latinoamerica,Africa or Asia countries.But this not work in the oposite sense.
No nuclear energy development to poor countries,but free to make use os this to developped world including in military uses.
A african or serbian leaders make genocidies is direcioned to International Penal
High Court in Hague,but citizen of USA are excluded.Two standars?
All this examples indicated a dangerous international ethic practices imposed in the last years.
The most unethical issues as poverty,polution,environment degration,arms trafic,hunger an disease are second rang issues derivated to international agencies without political power of action.
The problem is the common people in the world are nor stupid and understand the facts,and not empty words.A modern world cannot applies demodee practices of XVIII or XIX world face to XXI Century.

Saturday, July 22, 2006


My father went and came back through the flames...
Among the sleepers ands the rails
of a sattion swarming with flies and dust
One afternoon whe gathered up his pieces
I was never able to speak with him
I find now in dreams.
That half-erased country of the dead

Octavio Paz,mexican poet
On the tragic death of his father suffered in a train wreck in 1935
Translation of Francis ,Steen
English Department,University of California

Image:Train dans la Neige Monet

Thursday, July 13, 2006


China has a new great wall but now directed to Internet sites censorship.About 62 people cybernauts are imprisoned and the national People Congress of the People has passed a law to regulate the traffic by the web.To day Wu Hao a cybernuat imprisoned in last Febraury was delivered by chinese authorities during the visit of Josep Borrel Chairman of European Parlament who study a resolution about Human liberties in PRC.But all problems China is second in Internet use,registering 80 millions of cybernauts an 600.000 public sites.Beside the chinese Government has own internet sites to propaganda as and China Daily also,also by very sensitive issues as Tibet and situation.
Wikipedia has detailed information about the matter.The sites about surveillance and censor are polticas forums,Tibetan and taiwan Independence,religous por example Wu Hao was making a report about underground chineses Church when was imprisoned.A very complex point according to Reporters Without Frontiers is obtain that companies working in the internet business stop contributing to the authorities censorhips policies in a effort that chinese goovenment change this kind of actibvities.




The New Economic Foundation and Friend of the Earth made a suvey about hapiness feeling in 178 countries in all world.Is not a traditional one about economic achievement and happiness.PBI,range of health care and educational services,instead is a more intuitive and try to explain why some societies are happy without many goods and confort and others are richer and dissapointed in his aims and life sense.
They established a PBI index in funtion of Life expectancy,life satifaction and Ecological footprint in a formula where: HPI is equal to Life Sat x life expectancy
divided by ecological footprint.
Some conclusions:Countries similar in oher ways can differ enormously about life satisfaction.Well being does nor rely on high level of consuming.Central America countries and islands reach the highest average score in the index.G8 countries generally score badly in the index.Usa score 150 in ther list,Chile 51 and Costa Rica 3,Zimbabe is the last in place 178 and Rusia 172,Cuba 6,Brazil 63.Haiti 85,Japan 95,Tonga 24,China 31,Vietnam 12,Poland 114,France 129,Poland 114,,Bahamas 75.
The contraversial issue is establish a common pattern for Life Satifaction but is
very similar in conception to HDI(Human devepment Index of ONU),but the results are different.But it seems me that in real life many things are according with Nef conclusions.

Image:Seurat,Le gran gatte

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Scientist of Ohio State University found evidence of a great asteroid impact creating a crater about 482 km or 300 miles the gratest ever observed in Antartica on Wilkes Land southern Australia.Is age, 250 millions old.More than the 65 million meteor impact who asumes killed dinosours.Nasa Grace Satelites detected also detects gravity ocsilations beneath Antartica ice sheet.Wilkes crater is beneath a mile(two kilometer) the East Antartica Ice Sheet.Thew size of Wilkes meteor could have 30 miles wide.The crater size is enough to content all Ohio State.Scientis sais that form is similar to moon other craters.The singularity is in moon carater case this remains in time,but on earth is the oposite by geological activity.
Also especulates than impact colud help to split the actual antartica land form Gondwana extint supercontinent.Besides damage all kind of life on Earth.

Source Spaceflight Now
Also Universe Today

Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Paul Klee
As painter was not valued in his age.His art was considered naive but is a very complex painter inspired in Goya and antecesor of Cubism.In 1933 must flee ouside of Germany by nazi critics as desgenerated art.In the last time of his life
has a escleroderma disease and force him to piant in a more simple form.But Klee is one of the most great painters of Modern Art.



Paul Klee fué un pintor suizo pero que hizo su carrera en Alemania.Su arte fué primero considerado como primitivo y un poco infantil.Sin embargo su talento lo hizo ser uno de los mejores representantes del subrealismo e incluso precursor del cubismo.Admiró y tuvo influencias de Goya lo que lo acercaba tambien a las expreionistas.Una vez dijo:"el arte no reproduce lo visible lo hace visible".A las alturas de 1933 su pintura fué catalogada de desgenerada para los canones nazis,por lo que volvió a Suiza donde murió en 1940.Pintó hasta el final de sus dias aquejado de una enfermedad desgenerativa(escleroderma)que le obligó a desarrolar estilos más simles pero no menos hermosos.El cuadro de la imagen es su famoso Jardin Tunecino fruto de un viaje de Klee a ese pais.

Imagen ;Paul Klee,Jardin Tunecino en Google


Yesterday again bolivian went to ballot to elect a new Assembly,La Constituyente,charged to study the modification proposed by Evo to national constitution and the polemic proposal of MAS about gas,oil and land ownership.But besides electore must pronounce about territorial and autonomy of Departaments.The election in finished and Evo party obtain more or less 56% of votes,not enough to 2/3 mayority needed to have power to aprove without other little groups an parties as was the aim of Evo who said a 80% was his goals.But the autonomy of Central power is rejected.The oposition made tis a central issue in Santa Cuz department the second crowed in Bolivia and economic heart of Bolivia,and also in other minor territories.But Evo won in La Paz.The traditional elites in Bolivia are aware about
the steps of Evo who has a real popular charisma in the indigenous world as is the roots of Evo.The international policies of the government instead of the disrupt the
Morales has showed very pragmatic,and Morales itself a most best politician as said
the oposition and some press.This results make that the Morales detractors inside aon outside of country will be very cautious in the real reading of the election results.

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Thursday, June 29, 2006


"This conciusness of being separate is a constant feature of our spiritual history.Separation is sometimes experienced as a wound that marks an internal division,an anguished awareness that invites self examination;at other times it appears as a challenge,a spur that incites us to action,to go forth and encounter,others ans the outside world.It is true tthat the feeling of separation is universal and not pecualiar to Spanish Americans.It is born at the very moment of our birth:as we are wrenched from the Whole we fall into an alien land.This experience becomes a wound that never heals.It the unfathomable depth of every man;all our ventures and exploits,all our acts and dreams,are bridges designed to overcome the separationh and reunite us with the world andu our fellows beings.Each man`s life and the collective history of mankind can thus be seen as attempts to recontruct the original situation.An unfinished and endless cure for our divided condition.But is not my intention to provide yet another description de this feeling.I am simply stressing the fact that for us this existential condition expresses itself in historical terms.In thus becomes an awareness of our history.How and when does this feeling appear and how is it transformed into conciousness?The reply to this duble edged question can be given in the form of a theory or a personal testimony.I preffer the later:There are many theories and none is interely convincing."

From Octavio Paz Nobel,mexican writer, Lecture receiving his Nobel Prize in December 1990

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October 2006 Brasil have general elections.President,parlament and governors authorities must be renewed.But the interest is Presidential race.Lula da Silva aspire to a second period and acording the polls is favorite in vote intentions.Gerad Alckim former governor of Sao Paulo is the challenger.Sao Paulo with 21 millions people is the most crowded city of Latin America and industrial and comercial heart of the country.Alckim is candidate of PSBD ,Brazilian Party of Social Democracy,Lula have is Workers Pary one of his founder and also a former industrial worker.After a heavy lost of popularity and scandal in some relevant colaborators of Lula government,a economic rebound rise again the position of him.
Oposition said by a rise of public spending.
Brasil is the largest country in latinamerica al the eleven economy in the world.
The economy is growing a 4.0% yearly and after Mexico the second receptor of international investiment.But as international leaderships Lula has deceived many people not only in Brazil.Is moderation and not confrontational approach vanish against Chavez and even Morales in international politics.
The times will say if a second chance is easy to Lula,but the impresion is that only a surprise will be a peril to be the next President of the Unites States of Brazil.
For the moment all people including the candidates are more concerned with the Fotball World Championship and the next play of his team.

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Thursday, June 22, 2006


Today 21 June aymara originary peoples celebrates the Machaq Mara the begin of year 5514 according to aymara calendar.The ceremoy is celebrates in Bolivia,Perou and Chile.
Is a purification ceremony in homage to earth(Pachamama) and the Sun.Is also the end of harvest and crop season and begining of agricultural activitiesg.Tiwanaku in the image was build to receive the first sun shines by especial holes in the stone walls.Aymara people are decendants of Tiwanaku civilization and his calendar have 13 months of 28 days with a free day.About 50.000 peoples are gathered today only in Tiwanaku temple and also is remebered in all world as the Andean and Amazonic New Year.

Image.Sun Temple,TiwaNAKU

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


In politics the first rule is to be realistic.This about the changes in political landcape in the last three years in Latinamerica.Venezuela after the failure of traditional parties arrived to power Chavez a former army officer in a democratic election and remains till to day with a objetive popular support,this is a fact.Bolivia after a right wing government of Sanchez de Losada desavoiding specialy indigenous demands felt and fly away to USA.After a interregnum by a great ballotage won the Presidency of Bolivia Evo Morales a former coca leader and of aymara origin.Both are not comunist nor revolutionary ideas.Huamala fail to won in Perou election but a 46% votes the mayority in poor departaments outside Lima make Garcia victory a pirric one.
Who is happening in Latinamaerica?:First,Poverty actors are now in scene.Peasant mouvement the mayority affected by no land problem and globalization politics to agricultural products,but also the urban poverty belts of unompleyement people
coming from rural areas are demanding a real improvment of his life basic conditions.
Second.The blindness of upper latinoamericans efluent class are not aware of real danger of inequality of revenues who is in some countries scandalous,also for some Churchs.
Third.Globalization has made his job,the changing world with all the avantages of
tecnical improvement in human life are now by internet in the corner of streets ,the mobility of people to developped countries searching best life conditions as columbian,peruvian and ecuatorian to Spain or Centro america citizen to USA,peruvian to Chile.This people changes his mind viewing other best realities.
For this is a naive politic viewing the landscape with old cold war eyes.This frame only see comunist an potential terrorist and not real situations.The problem to USA is talking as legitim interlocutor only with upper class inteligencia who represent a five por cent of latinoamaerica points of views.A artificial polarization betewen good and bad guys is a very umpractical and urealistic politic because the problems remains.
A widsom actitude wil be hear the voice of times and understand that inequuality issues are more dangerous in latinamaerica that armed solutions and try to find the real interlocutors.

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Saturday, June 17, 2006


Today Le Monde inform that The International Whale Comision began in Caraibes litle island a anual meeting.Japan is in ther ofensive to obtain ban the international moratoria about whales killing.Nobody knows
the result of the "scientific" chasse of wahles made by Japan.Besides in the last years asbout 20 liliput countries of Pacific,Caraibes and Africa,most without fish industry and sea are proclive to japonese position.In this matter is better than ONU make a statment and asume this as environment security problem because the biodiversity of sea world fauna is in the edge of the issue and japan statment are only comercial interest.

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Thursday, June 15, 2006


Nemesio Antunez was a great Chilean painter.Was Director of Contemporay Art Museum of Chile University and after also of Chile Academy of Beaux Arts.His art very oniric situated him as a modern subrealist.During 1945 stay in New York working with William Hayem a british gravure artist.But thre most important work was his aim to promote the art in people by TV and popular expositions.In my view Nemesio was one of the best modern painter from Chile and his also his life was plenty of widsom and
a democratic vision of chilean society in very hard momento of our history.

Colours by Nemesio Antunez in Google

Friday, June 09, 2006


Dawn in New York has
four columns of mire
and a hurricane of black pigeons
splashing in the putrid waters.

Dawn in New York groans
on enormous fire escapes
searching between the angles
for spikenards of drafted anguish.

Dawn arrives and no one receives it in his mouth
because morning and hope are impossible there:
sometimes the furious swarming coins
penetrate like drills and devour abandoned children.

Those who go out early know in their bones
there will be no paradise or loves that bloom and die:
they know they will be mired in numbers and laws,
in mindless games, in fruitless labors.

The light is buried under chains and noises
in the impudent challenge of rootless science.
And crowds stagger sleeplessly through the boroughs
as if they had just escaped a shipwreck of blood.

Federico Garcia Lorca,spanish poet dead durin the Civil War
Image:Telegraph Pole Joseph Stella 1877-1946 in Ask Art


A lonely light in the storm of southern of Chile sea,aiding the cargo and vessel across the Magellan Strait from Pacific to Atlantic in both ways.Are brave chilean navy marine men guiding hter crews in the most dangerous waters of sea world.Only a light but enough to say,that area human being taking care of other human beings.Is a universal code not writing about solidarity in the very dificult conditions of one of the most beautifull human work,a remember than are nor barriers of idioms to sailors of the all world.Magellan was one of the first abot 600 years ago,but the sprit is the same arrive safe because other take care of you.

Image;Chilean Navy

Thursday, June 08, 2006


Rich countries pays yearly $ 300 bn to subsidise their agriculture sector.This amount is enough to feed, clothe,educate and provide health care for every child in the planet.About world aid agencies about 3 billion people in Africa,Asia and Latinamerica lives with less US 2.2 per day to afford all his needs.The same amounto who receive each head of cattle in the European Union.A newspaper said that subsidising cows while milking the poor.Is hard,but certainly is true.Other cows has better expectatives receive each $2.62.Only in the dary sector the CEE supprot their producers to almost $19 bn.Eliminate the barriers is nor a easy task.Many countries with leaderships in free market policies impose trade rules against OMC
sprit.En many oportunities some developped countries put on international market agricultural goods below the production cost.The value os world subsidies paid to farmers in developed countries is enough to pay the public debt of the most endebted countries.This facts are increasing the gap betewen rich and poor countries.Is nor fair say that all must respect the economics of market dinamic,and expose many little farmers to misery.A wise determination is figth about inequality of international agriculture market.The best insurance to rich countries to social unrest is a trade with justice and is more human if they want subside,make giving this aid to the poor but not to cattle.

Other source;in Spanish,BBC Mundo Economia

Thursday, June 01, 2006


Next Sunday 15.737.332 peruvian people go to election in second chance of future President.Two are the men ,Allan Garcia a former president who left the seat by controversial issues about money mismanagement and a retired comander of the Army with a past of participate in a conspiration against Fujimori government.Two weeks ago the prediction was clearly to Garcia with above 50% of preferences.But today is uncertain.About 20% of electors said no have definitive predilection and Chavez speaks against Garcia posibilities with a very hard words ,make Toledo to appeal OEA intervention and called back Perou Ambasador in Caracas.Huamala acused Fujimori party to give suport to Garcia,a very close Fujimori team adviser is acused to send from Chile mails suporting Garcia election.Garcia has denied all.A Huamala election is as complicate landcape to USA because the growing left wing government elected in the Continent the last years.A joint politics from Chavez,Evo Morales,Castro and Huamala is worried by bussines men.But Huamala has denied Chavez external suport and now all people desire a more quick votes counts,because in the first round the delay to give the final results were about a month.

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Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Alvaro Uribe was re elected as Colombia President after a ballot yesterday.With 7.556.000 votes is not necesary a second chance because the second Gaviria of left wing parties obtain only more or less 2 million votes.Uribe in his actual period achieves a real stabilization of economy with a 4% average in growth indicator as PBI.Also a neutralization of Farc guerrillas who remain by 40 years a rural insurgency.But the task for the next four years is not easy.Colombia experiment a shortage in energy sources as oil of internal production.Besides the international prices od agricultural products as coffe are decreasing in world market
by competition of asiatic countries as Viet Nam.Ha must also obtain a real solution
to Farc issue.A program of politics ans social reforms may be the solution to a country who has no made a agrary reform and with many poor population in rural areas who are recluted by the guerrilla.But Farc a marxist oriented mouvement has not many chances on political field and with the increase of logistic power of Colombia Plan must accept Uribe proposal to achieves Peace in a country who has a virtual civil war en the last 50 years.

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Trickle drops,my blue veins leaving
O drps of me,trickle,slow drops,
Candid from me falling,drip,bleeding drops,
From wounds made me free you whence you were prison `d,
from my face,from my forehead and lips,
from my breast,from within where I was conceal`d,press forth red
drops,confession drops,
Stain every page,stain every song I sing,every word I say,bloody drops,
Let them know your scarlet heat,let them glisten,
Saturate them with yourself all ashamed and wet,
Glow upon all I have written or shall write,bleeding drops,
Let it all be seen in your light,blushing drops.

Walt Whitman,north american poet 1860

Friday, May 26, 2006


BBVAFundation of Spain has made a opinion survey about social capital to 20.000 people in 13 countries Denamark,USA,Spain,Turkey,Israel,Germany,Japan,France,Italy,United Kingdom,Mexico,Rusia and Chile.The bakground considers two esential component of social capital.The confidence level and the social nets.The asumption is that in a society with high confidence levels ,reduce cost in agreement buidings and social nets formation and also reinforces the relationships and information trasmition
in people.This issues are crucial in reinforcement of democratics ties in society.
Confidence levels reduce the incertitude because a risk factor is the expected behavior of the other and this willbr diferent to expectatives.The conclusion, in general countries as Dennmark an Usa with higher level of confidence en people.
Other not at all as Chile and Mexico.The most best evaluated institutions in general are the Justice systems in European in developped countries.And the badest evaluation are politician in all countries.The perception of diferent Churches are very diferent in all countries.One conclusion for me ,Capital social and his development are more important than economic concern in Under developped countries.
The high level on default of confidence in people make very dificult promote democracy and also business.One of relevant issue are the levels of transmission of information in people.

Source:In spanish BBVA Public Opinion
Image El Abrazo Pablo Picasso

Friday, May 19, 2006


North of Chile have privilegy places for astronomy observations.His drougthness of the Atacama,Antofagasta and Coquimbo lands and the location in the very Southern Hemisphere make posible a clear skies almot all year for searching the develop of Universe.Carnagie Institution,a Consortium of Universities in Astronomical Research in Tololo began his operations in 1962.The largest complex is located in the nearby of Antofagasta,Paranal Observatory formed by four telescopies began his operations in 1999 with a agreement including chilean Government and ESO( a european Astronomical Research Consortium).Other site is the International Observatory Gemini South a joint action of Argentina,Brasil,Australia,EEUU United Kingdoom and Chile.Yesterday a new complex is published,Cerro Pachon in operation by 2014 with the largest lens in Chilean astronomy.This is a complement to SOAR in the same site.The first is a observatory of Large Synoptic Survey Telecope(LSST) from AURA,the second is operated for CTIO and the Universities of North Carolina,Michigan and Brasil.Important part of LSST of research and developpment will be financed by the National Science Foundation of USA,private donors and the members of LSST Corporation,including the University of Arizona,the National Optical Astronomy Observatory and Whashington University..Recently La Silla Observatory found at forty one ligth years far, three planets similar to Neptun with orbites a star a little smaller that our Sun and be published in this days by Nature Magazine.The planets discovered has a mass ten a eigtheen the Earth dimension.They are formed by a combination of rocks,gas and,ice And for his location has a high posibility zone of liquid water resources.

More information:Paranal,Tololo

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Ayer asumió R.Preval como Presidente de Haiti.Tiene una tarea dificil.Haiti es el pais màs pobre de America,en apenas 22.750 km 2 viven 8 milllones de habitantes.Para comparar Chile tiene 742.000 km2 y 16. millones.No tiene petroleo,el bosque tropical ya no existe,tampoco materias primas relativamente importantes.La esperanza de vida es de 54 años.De cada 4 niños que mueren el America Latina 1 es haitiano.La desnutricion infantil alcanza al 28%.Se podria seguir,pero detras de las estadisticas hay una nacion rica en historia la primera en America en obtener su Independencia en 1804.Despùes de Estados Unidos.Una nacion formada por hombres libres cuyos padre fueron traidos como eslavos de Africa con una riqueza cultural increible.La unica republica americana que habla francés.Con un drama del exilio tremendo fruto de las convulsiones politicas y de buscar mejores horizontes que ha hecho migrar sólo a Canada 1 millon de haitianos en el ultimo decenioOtros 500.000 deben cruzar la forntera para trabajar en Republica Dominicana.Por eso hay que ayudar a Haiti.Ya hay un principio de acuerdo entre Argentina Brasil y Chile para cooperacion en el ambito social.La television mostró ayer ejemplos a seguir de cooperantes chilenos pocos es cierto en el campo de la salud,la edificacion de casas y la educacion.Asi como hay un Chile Solidario nacional debe existir un Haiti solidario mundial o al menos latinoamericano con su pueblo .No hacer mezquinos calculos de geopolitica y de influencias,ni de pensar grandes negocios a costa de ellos.Es un imperativo de decencia social aportar pese a que tenemos una mejor situacion relativa no solo en ayuda en la fuerza de Paz que es necesaria para pacificar y organizar el orden publico,sino una más sensible y dura de implementar al desarrollo de la educacion de Haiti,organizar su administracion publica,mejorar su aparato de salud,recuperar los espacios de su territorio tan desvastado..Por eso despues dela reunion de Viena que demostró la necesidad para los Paises latinoamericanos de unirse indpendiente de sus legitimas diferencias y de nuevos vientos de solidaridad que soplan hacia los mas pobres es una prueba de fuego ayudar al hermano más necesitado, esa es la unica opcion moral posible

Imagen:Arte haitiano,La Cosecha

Yesterday Rene Preval asumed as democratic President of Haiti.Hard task for him.Haiti is the poorest county of Latinomerica.His population of 8 million people lives in 22.750 km2.As comparation Chile has 16 millon people and 742.000 k2.It no oil,and grar natural resouces in the island,the tropical forest is gone.The life
expectatives is 54 years,the for children died in Latinamerica one is haitian.The malnutrition in chilhood is 28%.Whe can continue with stadistics.But Haiti are a nation with a great cultural heritage.Was the first latino american country to obtain his Independence from France in 1804.The only amercicasn republic who speak french.A Fre born society formed by former slaves careried form Africa for comerce
reasons.With a great problems od ex patriate peoplple,ongly in canada lives 1 millions and oher hal million mus cross the Republic Dominican border to work as temporal works.Television show sama samples of chilean cooperants in health and educational services an in to build some houses for homless people,not so much.But as we have a Solidarian Chile program,we mus to buil a Haiti World program of Solidarity.Without egoism and no geopolitical and comerce gains. Chile Brasil and Argentina who mantain a Peace Task Force have a compromise to aid aitian people to rebuild his educational and health services,also aid to recover the space so damaged.Is a moral imperative in this moment after Viena Conference who demostrate the the urgency of a union and the blowing of news airs of solidarity,in first place to the poorest brothers,Haiti is one of them.

Image:The Harverst,haitian art.