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Stylised designs of animals as llamas and people remains as giant paints over the the plains and mountains of Atacama desert.Today in the New Scientist edition an article refers about research made by scientist of University of California about the clues and meaning made by pre historic artists.The Norte University also has made in the past reseaech en the same way.Some argues that denominated geoglyphs wrere made to guide the travel about desert safer trough the driest region in the world.By his extension geoglyph are very dificult to date.More dificult is the finding of the authors people.Teh geometric designs wree mostly made by scraping away an axidised layer of soil.
Hte very hard climatic conditions made very dificult to dig in search of buried
human evidence of the unknown artists.

Source:The New Scientist


One of the most crucial battle in War Wold One at sea took place in 1 November 1914 off the coast of Central Chile.On one of the bay of Arauco Gulf at Coronel 25 kilometer were I live,Concepcion.
During the batlle a Royal British Navy squadron commanded by Rear Admiral Sir Christopher Cradock was meet and defeated by the german Kaiserliche Marine led by Vice Admiral Graf Maximiliam Speee.Was the first defeat of a british navy squadron since Battle of Chesapeake in 1781.The four german cruiser were more modern and best armored against the british ships.
Cradok had recived word,again via intercepted radio signal on 31 October that SMS Leipzig,the slowest cuiser in Spee`s fleet was in the area.He promptly ordered his squadron north to cut it off ans instead found himself confronting Spee`s entire force the following day around 4.30 p.m.
Cradok could scape,instead he choise to figth.About 7.00 P.M. the battle began the sea dificulties were against the british and also the sun location
Here Good Hope received heavy fight from Scharnhorst,and after he recived one torpedo and half hour latter the magazine exploted.The ship sunk with His 920 crew sailors and there were no survivors.
The same happen with the Monmouth british cruiser who sunk with 720 vrew sailors.Again there were no survivors.
The german fleet has not causalities but the british revenge took place in 8 december at Malvinas Island place of defeat of Graf Spee and the sunking of Scharnhost an Gnneisenau,2040 german sailors died at the Malvinas Battle.

Souce:Steel and Steam,The Coronel Memorial and Wikipedia
Image:Google The Good Hope

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Michelle Bachelet is the first woman elected as Chile President.For the most denominated latinoamerican consevative society is a challenge.There is no doubt of the star quality of Michelle Bachelet.In the last edition of The british The Economist apeared a long article about her.
Ms Bachellet will head the fourth succesive government of a party centre-left coalition.Chile enjoy policy stability and political consensus of a kind that is rare in latin America,so radical changes is not in store.But the new president has promised to govern in a more open way,with more voice to citizens groups and less for political parties.
The callenges for Michelle Bachelet period are:To sustain economic growth,create a a more equalitarian society,improve the educational systems and reform the privatised pension system.
Besides secure the energy need of the economy.Chile have not oil reserves but one of greatest natural water reserves,but ecological groups are beware of the care of the pristine area in the southern.
The Ecomist in the end said that the wew President she would like to be remembered both for what she achieves and how she achieves it.That is a tall order.To secure change,boldness will have to bed tempered by compromise and citizen democracy with professional politics.

Source Ercept from The Economist Internet Edition 9/03/2006

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Erebus is located in Ross Island at Ross Sea in the Antartica.Was discovered and climbed by Shackleton expedition in 1908.Is 3.794 meter high(12.447 ft) and is active.Many eruptive and seismic activity is observed by two station ,one of american and other from New Zeland,his interest desides are lava movement into trhe cater located in the summit.At this place lies a lake of red molten lava about 250 meter across.In Ross Island are other three others volcanoes,but only Erebus is active.The name Erebus in Greek mithology refers to a place of darkness trough wich spirits of the dead must jouney in route of Hades.


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Today at Valparaiso in a National Congress ceremony Michelle Bachelet asume the Presidency of Chile.She is the first woman in the chilean history in this charge for a four year period,after Ricardo Lagos the former President.Representants of seventhy countries were in the meeting.Condolezza Rice Secretary of State of USA,the Prince of Spain,President Lula from Brasil,Hector Kitchner of Argentina,Hugo Chavez of Venezuela,The Ministry of Defense from France and other world personalities also were present.

Image fom Spanish Press El Mundo

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Last Thursday in a formal ceremony the remains of Bernardo O`higgins the hero of Chile Independence were located at a memorial in front of Moneda Palace in Santiago.
This minds the restoration of O`Higgins tomb to civilian control.
More information appears in the to day edition of New York Times.

O`Higgins painted by Jose Gil de Castro

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Image: "Judith " by Gustav Klimt austrian painter XIX Century

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In Chile about 500 glaciers remain or move near the sea and the Andes Mountains.
The largest Pio XII 1.275 m2.This glacier advances 1 meter by day and in six years advance aboiut six kilometers.In his advance a native forest battle against ice
forces and new lagoon rises.The mayority of glaciers remain inexplored due a the harsh climatic conditions and his extension.
In the nearby and more easy to see are San rafael Glacier located in Ice Field North and the most known is Torres del Paine National Park

From Web site of laboratory of Glaceology Scientific Center University of Chile
and Chile Information project.


Is one of the latest paints of Rembrandt based in Bible about a son who leaves the father`s house.After a licencious life and without nothing except his shirt decides return to home.
The father enjoy and kill the best steer in celebration,but the older other son
say him."Y remain and work hard with you all time,instead my brother expends all the money .you are unfair" Bur the father says "you be always with me but a had a lost son and to day I recovered him."
Was painted twice by Rembrandt,the best was when he was fifty years old,13 year before his dead.Is a representation of human condition,the father is god,some one said represent Rembrandt himself and the son diferent faces of human actitude before

The Prodigal Son by Rembrandt

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When some water drops fall the desert plant dress with her best colours
as a enjoy signal.

Image:From a desertic place in Chile

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The Internet edition of The Science ,of March 2 indicates Antartica ices are melting.
Analysis of Nasa Satelites dates made at Boulder University indicates a lost about 152 km2 of ice yearly.
Antartica contain abour 90% of ice inthe world and 70% of sweet water reserves of globe.This fenomen rise global heigth of oceans 0.4 milimeters yearly.
This fact are against the predictions of other studies made in 2001 who spoke about a more high level of Antartic ice in XXI century.

Souce Science cited by le Monde internet edition 3/03/2006

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In XIX Century Nitrate obtained from Caliche a raw material who spread about the pampa of Tamarugal was exploited by chilean an foreign capital.Was the first income source of Chile at this times,1889,Balmaceda was one of the more clever President and after a Civil War who lost he comited suicide.
This is a briefing from his speech to the Representants Chambers in June 1889:
" It is true that we must not close the doors to free concurrence and production of nitrate of Tarapaca,bur we cannot consent either that such vast and wealthy region be converted into a simple foreign factory.The fact that the very serious and real event that the singularity of the industry,the way in wich constitution of nitrate ownership has ocurred,the absortion of the small capital by the foreign capital,and up to the class of the races that will dispute the imperium of the vast and fecund exploitation,impose a special legilation based in the nature of things,and the special needs of our economic and industrial existence"

Source Historia del Salitre,Oscar Bermudez M.Ediciones de la Universidad de Chile,Santiago de Chile ,1963 en Internet

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The Alerce ceddar is the Southern Hemisphere largest conifer and with a life span around 3.000 a 4.000 years.Chile has 264.993 has of alerce native forests.About 17% en national Parks or Reserve(40.000 has).The tree is 40 meter tall and wih a 30 meter diameter.
The chilean frontier forests are de great ecological value,they store vast quantities od Carbon that contribuites to global clima regulation,they are located
in the South in the nearby of the most pure rivers and marine waters in the world.
In old time alerce timber was used in boat contrution by chilotes fisherman.
Today is a nationa Monument and his cut and explotation in forbidden.
Many NGO of all world are concern about the conservation of Alerce native forest considered aone of the last forntier forest and a world global reserve of biodiversity and a agent of genetic reservoir for future restoration forest ecosistems types.

From:Chile Frontier Forest:CITES
Defensa del Bosque Chileno.
Imagen:en Internet de Global Forest Watch