Saturday, October 11, 2008


In 1493 Columbus make a special gift to spanish king a lot of "primitive people" carried from the new discovered lands.Certainly Columbus was nor a scientist but this fact was the begining in the mankind history of the human zoo concept also called as african villages in Europe during XIX Century who was the golden age in France,Belgium,Germany,England and other countries.
The concept was very simple,show to the populations wild and primitive peoples as exotics people in the limit of human concept.
Even more some says that was a specimen linking the great appes and man.In fact in a Bronx Zoo a congolese pygmy was put in the same place with the great simios in 1906.But were the world Fair the place of election to show this" primitives".In Paris World Fair of 1889 28 millions of avid french people went to see a "Negro Village".With proud were hosted at a Jardin Zoologique de Acclimatation and the hidden idea is show to european population the avantages to african countries of arrival of the white man " civilization".The colonialism take avantage of the material avantages of western civilization to promotes incorporation of underdevoleped peoples with the most preciated instrument of his technology,the weapons and represented by his armies.A new "culture "arrives and was necesary to disrupt all the social and cultural networks existent to impose the modernism only
way according not only of politician of 19 Century besides by scientists who thinks that was good for the mankind advance reproduce in this primitive societies the european model of education,politics and culture.Nobody said yet this western offer must be free of charge,african,asian, or latino american countries must pay with his natural resources the cost of administation.The common man in France,Germany,Belgium,England an Holland thinks in his back thinking that this was a very fair business to both sides.
In 1931 in Paris in a other world fair was coronated by the colonial exibitions reproduced in other cities as Marseille.Only in Paris 35 millions of people went to see the poor primitives who his government was saving from "ignorance",diseases and inculture.The price was also fair and this night they went to bed with his spirit in peace,after make commments with his wifes.
After the Second World War the nightmares of racism,a first class barbarian actions seems vanished.But in all the world remain many domination areas by western potences eufemistic called "protectorates",as part of commonwealth nations or more simple adding to the nations name the name of the other protecting countries,French Indochina or Belgian Congo.
But the show not ended in 1958 and 2005 many europeans has the oportunity of
to increase his cultural background going to observe the activities of the african villages habitants reproduced in a very realistic way in his own territory.

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Thursday, October 09, 2008


When somebody receives lend money to avoid a bankrupcy in certain way he loose the property of the business,This are a gold rule of free market culture.In the measures taken by US Treasury Department with more money rushing to crushed banks,oficial autorities are thinking that is better to reasure public opinion and confidence asume the property of all banks in problems.
For many time money baron not only in USA even in all the world make another dogmatic statment that inside management of money papers was at last a private area with no public or at least minimun state presence.The problem come today when the financial sistems fails to solve the cash flow of money working and must the state who lend the money in a contraversial decition
made acording american authorities by people economic security.Are really The brain thinking advisers of Bush and the economic authorities thinking in solve the individual economic problem for every citizen in America en the rest of world afected by the crisis?.I think the answer is not.Perhaps a marginal consecuences of the salvatage action could be this one.But the most important concern of them are other tiny group of society affected also in his pockets who are the banks owners,the boss of all great societies who fuel his hug international business with cheaper money and extraordinary good payement conditions who dont have common people to obtain huge utilities, the most went to pay millionaries past incomes who garantize in the future a economic security for at least teen generation of money baron decendents.
Besides nobody seems asume guilty of past actions.In a peculiar psicological condition all the reason appears as natural induced as a Economic Katrina,no way and without intervention of other person to avoid the crisis result of bad practices of a financial sistem who was not centered on real people necesities.Earning money was a goal in itself, ouside of the thinking that must be to solve human needed actions with priorities given by the principle of international social justice.
Now the economic world landscape seems at least dark because the solution is outside
of real roots of problem.Political authorities in USA ,Europe and other wealthy economies must make a bond with the emergents social and political authorities in a first steep to solve the coyuntural issue,but more important with third world societies.The clue of go out to a healthy economy is and for this the first task is make a brain washing action of economists working not only in governmemts of USA or Europe even in international banking and financial institutions .Is needed a World Economic Union Plan with political and social real democratic consensus based in this new ethical paradigma who clean the international arena of bad practices as speculative markets,dark economic actions as weapons hidden traffics,lending money to finance corrupts governments
for economics reasons of geopolitic.A no incentive to finance industrial complex to produce innecesary goods,contaminate planet,regulation about military expending.Western subscription of Kioto Protocol.Norms of public information of money world circulation market and about also the control of separate rols of public an private actors with punition of peoples who are in both sectors taking decitions to give avantages to his owned privates economics societies.A new organization of International banking sistem.Gived power to ONU to accord rules of conducts in international economics regulation.A globalized world must have a globalized economic set of rules and a country who infringe them must be punished in the same way as a war by economics reasons to a tiny country or for etnic cleaning reason.The countries who infringe this rules must be banned.The degree of human development reached by human societies in the begining of XXI century must be the accord with a new conduct code,is not fair use a obsolet one based in dogmatics principles made 200 years ago who is as a old house damaged by the time,weather,wars bombardent and at last by termites who is eating the house foundations,painting the house exterior no solve the problem.


Sunday, October 05, 2008


Are not oficial records but 250.000 a 300.000 are haitian childs in a slavery condition.We talk in 2008 not in Middle Age.And they are used as a informal work reserve.Of course without pay.One of the degradants works is servant mainly carring water from a very far reservoir to the booses house:imagine a 6 six years old girl with a heavy drum plenty of water walking 5 Many are given by the fathers because they cannot afford his basic needs.E are more vulnerable to be exploitabled because a huge number of them dont have a birth document,they dont exist.The law is against them even when says thar over 15 years old must be pay,the alternative is throw them to the street or continues unpaid as houses servants.A bizzarre tradition or child slavery?Of course es a barabarian form of slavery openly accepted not only for haitian society even by political authorities.A amount of them are conducted in the clandestinity to other countries with better incomes but the childs slaves remain in the same economic situation,even worst because are far from even the ausent own
families.Course the never went to a school.The name in creole is restaveks who means stay with.In social terms they are private property of the lord of the house.But the cruelty dont ended in the physical conditions besides they are forbiden to talk without permission,the are beaten,even forbiden to allowed to display his own emotions this is considerated a great fault and a punition is given.Some people says before the haitian republican statment slavery existed and also restaveks institution.The international comunity sent soldiers to mantain civil order in haiti.But is a order when childs populatioon are in these conditions?This is a social sin,for less great countries has invaded other poweless as Haiti in name of God,justice and freedom. Are information the sell of children in Haiti border,the equivalent of more or less 100 US for a child ownership.In the same market where chikens and macaroni are sold.Unpaid job as servant is for most of them the first decendent step in his life forced prostitution could be next. The impunity of child owners that in many cases they make claims to some hospital or charity institution when a boy or girl escape and take refuge with visible signals or abuse including body induced desformation in his shoulders or chest products od heavy weigths on his backs.The claims are so unethical that the request include money back if the boy or girl is not delivered.
These are facts older published but the child conditions in Haiti es more or less the same.Some says in a society who lost the dignity in older generations the only hope are the news represented by childs.But when in this case both are lost,the only hope are decent people in a globalized world.Some writer one time wrote when a man die a part of me also dead.In Haiti a part of ourself each day lost a piece.

Friday, October 03, 2008


Press and media refers them as minorities.Are very poor people living in the outside of Mexico City or in Harlem,peasants in Cambodia or Brazil,african workers in Spain or France.Ilegales from Mexico in USA or hahitians in Canada.You must add the minorities excluded by other reasons in many societies as womens in some muslim countries.The VIH sick people mostly in Africa.The homosexual and lesbian population in all the world.Some people thinks is a necesary product of Post Modern World.If you see the societies in Western World has created a new social class if you add all minorities,the outsiders.And in the results of addition is they are a mayority but without united power.Without political representation in the Governments and excluded
of the fruits of modernity.In many andean countries a lot of people of originary people born and lives all his life with no electricity,no newspappers,no cinema,even the reference world is the land,the valley and a small town without contact with the outside world.many of them aged people has dont see the sea never in his life.But the rest of the world see this events as a God design a natural condition.The stereotips says the are poor but very happy people,a idealistic condition like news tiny paradises plenty of nature and uncontaminated landscapes.But is wrong.In Ecuator some time ago the water sources were contaminated by oil explotation.In Brazil many rural residents has no land at all.The Without Land Movement,millions fo people living in poverty because they are mostly in poor villages with ocasional workers but is aims to follov in the rurality as a life option is now a inhuman condition.Other part of the stereotip are made by the tourism bussiness.Amazonia,Macu Pichu, are icon of beautifull places,forgotten that they are a kind of burial sites of old cultures made for a olds and widsom cultures vanished by the modernity arrival.The outsiders and the social debt are parts of the same paradigma.
For outsiders the principal achieve of modernity democracy means not much.In latin america many social leaders or analysts make a scandal when in Ecuator,Bolivia and even in Venezuela by free elections Contituyents asemblies where news actors in political arena.Iis only a buterflie breath after a huracan.But Is not a utopic theory dream that one of the results of financial crush in western world could be a new political paradigma.If the outsiders by legal means and united actions make news political and social referents could be possible that they obtain not only a better life condition and a more ethical social order


Wednesday, October 01, 2008


I am not economist,but a people not must be a doctor to know that is healthy or sick.This because Wall Street last facts make me thinks that something wrong goes in economy in USA.
Not now but lasting for many times ago.Is a cultural feature in american people or not facing economical facts?. A common sense say that economy actions are make to full human needs.Is not a a good argument say that market laws are conducing economy is men in the last moment is taking decitions.A tipical issue are wars ass Viet Nam or Irak wars.The american involvement in these wars was a political choice.But en both cases the history said arguments given by political leaders in power was incorrect.Now USA has close relationships with Vietnam government and the mind of vietnamese people is the same about the war.Other case Irak, never was clear the american invasion to Irak.But all include a big proportion of public opinion say yes to Bush administration.No masive destruction weapons were never founded.Conclusion many civilian and american soldiers dead or wounded,a powerfull military machine in a other soil country ,a huge amount of money wasted and without visible results even economic.No freedom,no terrrorism ended or founded,no a free election in Irak as result of american presence.The question were these action usefull to american economy and society?Certainly not.In the actual economic situation is very similar economics facts are many powerfull and old banking institution with problems to recover money lended to other branchs of the systems that cannot pay.The problem is that information about the money market is without transparency.People make faith that all banking bussiness are made with strongs ethical frames.But the results says other thing.The money losted in Wall Street is enough to end the hunger an diseases in a 30% of mankind in Asia an latin America.
Free Market roots are not a blind conducted economy always are human people on rear of economical curtains.Ethics has failed and speculation has a big winner in the fall of shares in all world.People who buy and sell oil,minerals,foods,and money without money.The landscape is dark because money saved represents works of many people during many years a life perhaps.
Is no moral say a people that money went away by the market crushing.America was founded with many lifes and work of many people.That was the american principal capital.Now must be the same but the condition is return to the same spirit of the founders.A strong belief that work and men are more important than money and economy must be made to help his real needs, a solidarity basis of a future economy is the only solution.Societies are make by a network of many peoples and all the last economic facts shows that a democracy works when a equility share of revenues is gived to all human beings not only in USA also in the world but dont work when a few money barons see the world including human beings as a private issue.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Bolivia social and politics never has been very peacefull.But with Morales at power the crisis is in his high level.
The point is if the oldest issues of the bolivian society can solve after the last riots en the provinces who contest the Morales admendements of Contitution an changes in property of gas and land tenure reforms.
Santa Cruz,Pando,Tarija,Beni and Chuquisaca are the richest areas en Bolivia and the regional authorithies
are mostly in the political opossition to Mas,the mouvement of Morales.
Gas,cattle,soya,are on hands of a social right wing social class,instead in la Paz,Cochabamba and other areas mostly are indigen population very poor and back the Evo politics.Bolivia society is one of the most inequal distribution of revenues not only in South America even in the world.One of the clues of solution is inUnasur meeting today in Santiago de Chile.Unasur is a regional asociation of South American countries who excludes USA.Chavez venezuelan president came to the meetins saying that he support Morales in his actions.Besides both sent back the american ambassadors in la Paz and Caracas.Most of Unasur Countries are proclive and very simpathetics to Evo Morales government,Chavez,Lugo the recnt elected Paraguay president,Correa af Ecuator,Tabaré Vasquez of Uruguay and even Cristina Fernandez of Argentina.Only Colombia and Perou are in other perpective.USA is worried about the rise of a new left wing kind of government arriving by free elections to power and with a strong nationalism component as Chavez and with many oil an gas reserves in a crucial economy moment for oil and the rising and recovering paper of Rusia in international affairs including South America the traditional back yard od USA.

Friday, April 18, 2008


This Sunday Paraguay go to elections.The mediterranean tiny country of 6 millions inhabitants must decide if wish a change in his old and conservative institutions or a fragile democracy unchanged by the end of military rule of Stroessner who rules for 40 years the country.Four candidates the favorite in the survey,a ex catholic bishop censored by church autorities and put outside of funtions because his political participation,the 56 years old Fernando Lugo has 34 % of preferences,a woman a former education secretary of state belonginf to Colorado party of the ruling coalition replace the actual president who fail in a constitution reform to go to relection.A general retired of the army Lino Oviedo who was a time in prison by a aborted intent to seize the power years ago and a independent business man.
Tha man under the fire is Lugo by his leftist past and reform proposal specially in agricultural land tenure modifications.Also by his style very similar to Morales or Chavez.But Paraguay has not oil and is betewen Brasil and Argentina two big countries,besides his has ties specialy in military cooperation with USA,Lugo has said he have a own way but in a very conservative society the posibilities of social reform are a hard matter to obtain,always is present the factic powers of Church,the military forces and the owners of land and bussiness who are worried about the posibility of a radical change as Bolivia or Venezuela.But Lugo must be very pacient if he wins because his coalition has many voices and the oposition could be won the congress and the regional administration.Be President could be more dificult task than rule trhe country like a bishop.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008


The facts seems simple.the second man in Farc guerrillas with a group sleeping a few kilometers inside ecuatorian territory near the border with Colombia,the regular colombian soldiers penetrates and murder Reyes and followers.Correa ecuatorian president refuse Uribe explanations of the facts and call back his ambassador in Bogota and said that was a violation of territorial ecuatorian territory.But Chavez the venezuelan president was far said ;Beware President Uribe this is a cause beli or danger of war if in the future the same happens in the borders with his country.In the same action give the order to desplace 10 military bataillons to the border.For Uribe could be a military success the second man death of Farc man, a former engineer in charge od exterior relationships.But tthe international reactions of others latinoamerican countries could be a boomerang political effect.Latinoamerica border issue integrity is a sacred principle.Besides the armies is just to mantain this working.Uribe position baking USA hardest policies about Farc is not a good scenery.Public opinion don believes a Correa or Chavez formal baking to Farc inside his countries.Besides loose Chavez oil power to a country scarce of natural energy is a bad notice.In fact is not a desirable reality.In the other side many people ask in high military oficial decition are taken with Uribe political aprobal.Besides a worst situation is a virtual war with his army facing two fronts.One inside the country and the other in the frontiers.Uribe knows that in other similar situation if the colombian soldiers cross the frontiers may be not sleeping guerrilla waiting may be most posible regular soldiers with heavy weapons prepared.

Thursday, January 31, 2008


In the last month Perou made a request to International Court of Justice of the Hague demanding to Chile new maritimes borders.In 1879 ended a war betewen Chilean armies and a confederation formed by peruvian and bolivian armies.Chile won and Bolivia lost is acess to sea and Perou a northen part of his territory.After acording Chile l many documents were signed after peace and no delimitation problems are in the actual frontiers with Perou.In fact till the last year after 130 year s after war ending was no perouvian alegations about the maritime border.In fact peruvian signed with Chile an Ecautot to delimit fishing areas in 1950.Last week the former canditat to perouvian presidency the leftist ans nacionalist Ollanta Humala a ex official of peruvian army said in Lima that if Chile refuse the accept a eventual prononcement of international court in favour to peruvian interest,Perou must use his army.The isue is far top be simple.To perouvian the line is not horizonal to land delimitation ans adeed 60.000 km2 to peruvian sea.Besides complicates to bolivian mediterrean solution by a eventual land corridor by a actual Tarapaca Region in chilean territory and former a peruvian province. A very rich area to fishing industries.
In the past pPeru has a delimitation contraversial issue with Ecuator in fact was a armed conflict at the frontier betewen both countries.Ecuator has a more friendly relationship with Chile and last week some military observer at Perou claims about the eventual selling of two modernized fregates of the chilean navy reserve to Ecuator. Besides is in suspense talks about a free trade agreement and about limits to armaments expending.To complicate more the lanscape Chilean growing economy has received abour 60.000 peruvian migrants as chilean workers specialy in Santiago. An also many comercial interest of chilean firms are located in Perou.
For all this is a good question of The Economist if in the next years the neighbours coud be also friends.The answer could be pesimistics because in 1970 1980 decade both countries ruyled by military government was near the war,That seems actually unthinkable but is not eay to say that friendship is an easy task.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Chile has not oil at all.The main energy source is imported gas and fuel.But electricity generated by hidroelectrical central is huge.In fact the country is plenty of rivers who ran from Andean melting ice glaciers in water to blend with Pacific waters .Chile north is a desert.The center and the south are very rainy.The solution was build a dams net over the rivers to generate energy.But a growing economy and more demands of modernity,the rising prices of oil and the chilean desire not depend by political reasons of foreign gas from Bolivia or Argentina make hidroelectricity the cheaper and internal natural source of energy.But the problem were the rivers.More and more public opinion is opposed by eological reason to build more dams.In fact Endesa a former chilean state entreprise now in spanish private hands is planing profit of the Aysen rivers named Pascua,Backer and to build there three new central from now till 2015.Consecuences about 94 km2 or 6.000 hectares flooded and under water and a very pristine wilderness ecosistem in danger.But a new element is in the discusion very powerfull ecologic groups opposed to dams including some of USA who baked chilean ecologist one.The issue is very complex.Many people demands if developped countries and groups are right to be very simpatetic to care of environment in oher countries.But who pays the rise of the price of energy if it is scarce?Is not posible to import electricity.Besides international comunity give no any incentive to Chile if the alternatives used ass more ecological solutions like wind or sea complex to generate electricity.In fact both are more expensives.Other solution is nuclear centrals.But chileans are not very proclive to a dangerous energy source.The polemics is instaled.Certain the rivers Pascua and Backer region are anot yet very populated , but now with globalization of information is very dificult to discut the issue en four walls. Also chilean society are very strong minded over conservation of natural life and water conservation.It will be o a not very easier task to Endesa and other economics groups to build the proyected hidrolectrical complex.Recently the last experience was Ralco central,in Bio bio basin river in the very begining at andean Laja river r who was hardly resisted by pehuenches comunities living in the place.Certain Patagonia is not habited by mapuche people but the begining only of prospection studies has faced many ecologic and environment protection groups and the main weapon to impeach dams building is Internet.Many ires acumulated could be a hidden energy to menace plans of hidrolectrical consorciums to build the dams with a potential capacity of 2.400 Mega Wats or 30% of actual energy of water actually generated at Chile.But the question is if, a less if international comunity wih preserve wilderness at chilean Patagony is in disposition to share or pay to chilean society to preserve rivers basin untouched or sell oil to preferencial prices to generate energy.


Thursday, January 24, 2008


All years a japanese fleet cross over the seas to hunt whales.Antartica waters are not free to the active japonese fishing ships in charge to hunt them.The paradox is hunting a specimen that is only 1% of whale population after 40 years of efforts to conservate them.Nobody knows the results of the "scientific japonese research".Is necesary to kill a hundred of whales to know more about his biology or fisiology?The real fact are in Japan is legal to sell whales meat.More is a delikatessen dish and very expensive.Against world international public opinion all years in a world international forum who rules the whales matters Japan demands all years increase or lift the ban forbiding the hunting os some species in risk on extintion.A bizarre fact are that many without fishing or fishes population are incorpored to vote on back od Japonese demands.Many countries could be receiving not confirmed monetary aids from the japonese.Many of the tiny whale population arrives every years to south Chile shores near Antartica on his annual migration cycle.In fact are a Santuary in Chiloe sea waters a huge island in chilean patagonia area in were is forbiding the whale hunting.All survey in chilean public opinion shows a great mayority of chilean people are opposed to japonese whale hunting.the people demand dont refuel japonese fleet in charge of hunting or fishing on nearby of chilean waters.Nobody understand why Japan afford a high image cost could be in future to face a boycot of japonese manifactured products not only in chilean market besides in all South American area.


Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Last week arrived to Chile Stephen Hawking the famous english named the second Einstein of XX Century.The objetive is make a visit to Alvaro Bunster the director od The Centre Of Sciences a brain trust of scientist located at Valdivia in the South of the country.Hawkins is member of Lucasian Academy a renamed forum who has Newton as a member.Hawkins is one of the most briliant brain in theoretical fisics with research about the dark holes energy,the Big Bang an the begining of Universe.The election is not to hazard,Chile is far the best place to look in southern hemisphere the Universe.In fact many theoretical conclusions are demostrated by the observations made by astronomers of all world in a 25 Observatories located in Atacama Desert the driest place in the world without rain in 200 years,Besides Bunster team has made research about Antartica tectonics.Stephen that can not walk and speak by himself.Demostrate be a warm and very human person enjoy for people and making a trip over Llaima volcano in iruption till 2 weeks and after making a ship travel by Calle Calle river.At end gives a conference about the exterior of black holes.The ocasion was celebrates the 60 birthday of Bunster.

Thursday, January 10, 2008


Till morning today Llaima Volcan southern in Chile a very active volcan has enter in eruption.The mount about 4.000 meter high send a dark cloud of ashes who arrived today to Atlantic Ocean about 3.000 kilometers far in Argentina territory.In the nearby in a very beatifull surrounding lives abot 5.000 people most little farmers.No casualites are reported.The peak all the year covered with ice is today all melt and in the night fire is viewed on the volcan mouth.The cloud reach about 3.500 meter high.All the volcan area is plenty of araucarias a tree about 5.000 years old a relictus os past age and is a national natural monument in Chile.Besides is a lake near the volcan basis.Yesterday Stehpen Hawking who visit a fisic friend in Chile has observed the active volcan inside a airplane.

homo.luden andensis


Last end of week in a riot with police forces a mapuche university student was shot and dead.The incidents took place during a intentional forest burning made by a group on mapuche etnia opposed to forest firms owner of the most land reforest to obtaim timber and celulose.The mapuche vindicatates more land,in fact a devolution of millions of acres delivered by old governments to colonization by european and chilean inmigrants during the end of XIX century.Governmet has delivered about 500.000 has during the democratics government to comunities as compensation.Araucanian the true name of about 600.000 people was a migrant people living on South of Chile and Argentina.Never was defeated by the spanish army and only after many quarrels with chilean troops in XIX century sign a peace agreement to share his territory.Most living in rural area are poor peasants and others most young people migrates to cities as urban workers,the women in domestic services and the men in low calificated works.Mapuche contest the building of dams to obtain electricity in his ancestral territories,the surrounding of his land by forest plantations, who in his view use all water by the trees.but specially the decrimination by chilean society and his poorness.Also demand a more equalitiarian acces to modernity and obtain the recognization of his cultural diversity.Certain mapuche groups intents radicalized his demand burning not only plantation also trucks an forestry machines.Many are en jail for this acts.The last incident is a warning to authorities because the demand could extend to big cities in where mapuche demands are supported by other leftist organization in universities an human rights groups.The Catrileo death could be a simbol to mapuche aims in the next times.

Sunday, January 06, 2008


The Guardian of London says in a article that many millionaires including Bill Gates help to building Cerro Pachon en chilean andean the world biggest digital camera to take images on the sky.The cost 400 US millions.Principal objetive provide early warning of asteroid crush.Rounded by the highest mounts in the southern hemisphere Andean chain rounded Pachon are on average 6.000 meter conteining many glaciers.The largest mirror never contructed in the a laboratory at Arizona University.Yhe main funtion of the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope is survey all sky several times in the week something never made before.The came from the most greatest digital camera in the world with 3.200 megapixeles. Gates said they will pur terabyte of dates rurning astronomy in a software.It will be the first Internet Telescope and in the proyec is shared by 23 Universities,laboratories an private organizations

s of dates, and the Telescope take a picture of size of the moon every 15 seconds.
turn astronomy into a software issue by writing code and database queries to mine the night sky and recover its secrets.
"LSST is truly an internet telescope which will put terabytes of data each night into the hands of anyone that wants to explore it. [It is] a shared resource for all humanity . the ultimate network peripheral device to explore the universe," he said.
The donations will keep on track the construction of three large mirrors and three refractive lenses which are the most important and expensive part of the machine.
The first stages of production for the two largest mirrors are under way at the Mirror Laboratory at the University of Arizona. The teloscope basis is located over 2700 meters above in chilean Andes an his camera is expected take over 200.000 pictures and the end date of contruction is 2011.The short time of 15 seconds is enough to register every fain objet falling in the sky as the mini meteorites
Launched in 2000, the project is a partnership based in Tucson, Arizona, and split among 23 universities, laboratories and private entities. Once the mirrors are ready they will be hauled up the 2,690-metre peak and installed in a dome due for construction in 2011. "First light", as astronomers call their scoping, should begin four years later.
The camera is expected to take more than 200,000 pictures. Processing that information is expected to be the most technically difficult part of the project.
The camera's 15 second exposure should be long enough to record images of even very faint objects such as asteroids and so-called near-Earth objects. By monitoring them night after night, it should be possible to infer their orbit around the sun and hence how likely they are to slam into Earth.
That is how the project's director sold the LSST to congressmen in November. "The ability to detect virtually every potentially hazardous near-Earth object and determine its orbit with precision transforms that statistical threat into a deterministic prediction," said Anthony Tyson, at the University of California, Davis.
But it will also be useful for basic science. Its time-lapse images can be used to create 3D maps of the mass distribution in the universe. That should not only help to trace billions of galaxies, but also tell cosmologists more about the mysterious and recently discovered "dark energy" that is driving the expansion of the universe.
Every night the telescope will pull in 30 terabytes of image data (about 190 times more than a top of the range iPod) which will be made available free on the internet. "People can find out what's going on everywhere in the sky, and no one has ever done that before - not even come close," said Donald Sweeney, the project manager. "There are lots of things that happen every night in the sky, and no one has been able to track them and detect them."
Cerro Pachon, located in northern Chile near the city of Vicuña, is a foothill of the Andes but high enough to escape haze and light pollution. It was chosen over a site in Mexico because it hosts two other large telescopes known as Gemini South and SOAR, delivering a ready-made Other eyes on sky are: The European Southern Observatory's Very Large Telescope in Chile's Atacama desert has produced the first direct images of planets outside our solar system.
· At $1bn the Atacama Large Millimetre Array in Chile will be the world's most expensive observatory. By 2012 it is expected to discover a new galaxy every three minutes.
· The southern hemisphere's biggest optical eye is the Southern African Large Telescope in the Karoo desert.
· The proposed Square Kilometre Array (SKA) will be 100 times more powerful than any other instrument. Construction is due in 2011, with South Africa and Australia competing to be hosts.