Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Research made en California Davies in birds behaviour is a good a demostration that crows families are one of the most intelligent group animals.A condition reserved till today to great apes. These birds are capable to understand about the perceptions and intentions of others. This finding was made in the observation of birds movement,in efect crows families put considerable time and effort into hiding food, which they recover later. That in itself is not the problem. It is the scrub-jay's habit of returning to a cache, digging it up and then hiding it again somewhere new that seems so inefficientNow professor of comparative cognition at the University of Cambridge, Clayton is well aware that crows and their ilk, known collectively as corvids, are among the most intelligent of all animals. As well as caching food, scrub-jays habitually steal hidden items from one another. She suspected that the re-hiding might be a way of foiling potential thieves.

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