Thursday, March 22, 2007


In Great Britain in medical media are a debate about if homeophaty practice as scientific background and about the real status in the british medical system.One point are that the active ingredient used in homeophatic practices are the high dilution of active compound.Other more strong are no kwon mechanisms explaining why the homeophatics treatments works in phisiological terms.Many researchers said that mostly of them dont produce any phisical effects and all the improvment of diseases are placebo effect.Other issue is the dificul to obtain why exactly is taugth in homeophatical course to obtain degrees in alternative medicine.Many research mede in the last years about response to alternative tratments are very weak and positive evidence marginal.In many countries alternative medicine has no clear legal status.Besides in Latinamerica many traditional old medicine practiced by orginary peoples as empiric and wiht more faith or religoius componens than scientific backgrounds.Certainly many drugs have natural components focused in flora from tropical areas.The right road is pharmacological research tajken care about the legitim property of native population to share the economic benefits of the isolated drugs.
Source Nature Com.

Source Nature Com

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