Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Al least 100 play records of clasical music belonging to Hitler remains 63 years in the hands of a former russian inteligence officer who dies at Moscow.Surprise the Fuhrer collection includes
russian authors as Borodin,Rachmaninof and Tchaikosky played by jewish concertist as Brosnilaw Huberman who was banned of german concert halls by racial segregation.Huberman must leave Germany for political reasons and was publicly declared an enemy of the Third Reich.Other is the piano player Arthur Schnabel also a austrian jewish.
Lew Besymenski the name of the russian officer was in charge after the fall of nazism to interrogate the general of german army and found the collection into Bunker Chancellery ruins in 1945 at Berlin.Other surprise was the inclusion of russian authors named by Hitler as sub human without contribution to cultural heritage.The rest of play records are from Beethoven,Bruknner and of course Wagner.
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