Thursday, August 09, 2007


A forescat released shows that alternative communication advertising is growing with Internet rate expanding 48% yearly against 9.5% in press media.Internet advertising is expected to become the largest ad segment in 2011, surpassing newspapers.Reason,time and money borrowed.Advertising by the web are more efficient to advertiser and consumers in time the people access from his home,office and also from the street to Internet..One of the most potencial growing area are blogs.With someone with a half or a million visit daily are a valuable area and also a study tarjet to the advertising industry.But is no a easy task include them in the moment to negociate.Bloggers are a new kind of social actor,many have not interest in money ,are more concerned about blog contents.Besides many visitors dislike when see much propaganda in a blog.The idealistc aura of a blogger fall sometimes with air trips promotions,gadget and others.Ther etical alterntive may a be a correct balance contents and a minumun promotion of advertising.Other alternative for the advertiser companies is have his own blogs to promote products and service.The problem is only very needed people use them and dont work with a new product.In my case I dont include in my blogs any kind of advertisemment.In my latino american mentality business are not in my blogging aims.Besides I dont understand very much the dinamic of technologies to advertise in blogs. Other controversiaL issue are iclude political propaganda one of the most demanded area of growing in the future.But is this another post issue.

Based in a article of Le Monde

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