Monday, November 26, 2007


A canadian ship with 154 tourist of all nacionalities sink this week end at Antartica sea waters after colude with a under water iceberg like a modern remind of Titanic ,the piece of ice made a hole in the ship metalic structure.Is not the first sea accident in South pole area.About 6.000 tourist people the mayority of efluent countries came last year to the area in 12 countries flag ships.Many more remain all year in many european and north american built station making scientifics activities.Last month Britain make a announce about UK intentions to claim about 600.000 kilometers square of antartic land.This statment concern Chile and Argentina who are the nearest countries in Antartica bounderies.Antartica area have a ambigous status many powerfull countries are on back of scientist thinking in a future the ice continent is a promise of oil and mineral demands for mantain industrial growth.The posibility of both in Antartica soil is large.Spite of logistics dificulties a huge price and tecnological new devices make real in the near future a comercial explotation.A old international treaty forbinding this issue and weapons existence in Antartica but is not a garantee of no frictions in the future.In fact the tourists onf Explorere were very lucky people when happens the accident in the nearby of a chilean station.Japan also made all years a "scientific sacrifice of about 1.000 whales but the hidden reason is whale meat consumation by japonese people.The Explorer sink is a probe od change in iceberg population in the last year bery huge iceberg about 100 kilometer large are now free on Antartic Ocean and thousand of regular ans tiny pieces equal to ship Explorer damage.Many scientific says that this is a direct consecuence of global warming an future claims land an more people living in Antartica is a real danger to Antartica weak living ecosistem.Drilling for oil search like Artic in Antartica could be a world suicide,is time to agree declare Antartica a World heritage without oil and mineral explotation and without military weapons.

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