Tuesday, March 04, 2008


The facts seems simple.the second man in Farc guerrillas with a group sleeping a few kilometers inside ecuatorian territory near the border with Colombia,the regular colombian soldiers penetrates and murder Reyes and followers.Correa ecuatorian president refuse Uribe explanations of the facts and call back his ambassador in Bogota and said that was a violation of territorial ecuatorian territory.But Chavez the venezuelan president was far said ;Beware President Uribe this is a cause beli or danger of war if in the future the same happens in the borders with his country.In the same action give the order to desplace 10 military bataillons to the border.For Uribe could be a military success the second man death of Farc man, a former engineer in charge od exterior relationships.But tthe international reactions of others latinoamerican countries could be a boomerang political effect.Latinoamerica border issue integrity is a sacred principle.Besides the armies is just to mantain this working.Uribe position baking USA hardest policies about Farc is not a good scenery.Public opinion don believes a Correa or Chavez formal baking to Farc inside his countries.Besides loose Chavez oil power to a country scarce of natural energy is a bad notice.In fact is not a desirable reality.In the other side many people ask in high military oficial decition are taken with Uribe political aprobal.Besides a worst situation is a virtual war with his army facing two fronts.One inside the country and the other in the frontiers.Uribe knows that in other similar situation if the colombian soldiers cross the frontiers may be not sleeping guerrilla waiting may be most posible regular soldiers with heavy weapons prepared.

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