Thursday, January 31, 2008


In the last month Perou made a request to International Court of Justice of the Hague demanding to Chile new maritimes borders.In 1879 ended a war betewen Chilean armies and a confederation formed by peruvian and bolivian armies.Chile won and Bolivia lost is acess to sea and Perou a northen part of his territory.After acording Chile l many documents were signed after peace and no delimitation problems are in the actual frontiers with Perou.In fact till the last year after 130 year s after war ending was no perouvian alegations about the maritime border.In fact peruvian signed with Chile an Ecautot to delimit fishing areas in 1950.Last week the former canditat to perouvian presidency the leftist ans nacionalist Ollanta Humala a ex official of peruvian army said in Lima that if Chile refuse the accept a eventual prononcement of international court in favour to peruvian interest,Perou must use his army.The isue is far top be simple.To perouvian the line is not horizonal to land delimitation ans adeed 60.000 km2 to peruvian sea.Besides complicates to bolivian mediterrean solution by a eventual land corridor by a actual Tarapaca Region in chilean territory and former a peruvian province. A very rich area to fishing industries.
In the past pPeru has a delimitation contraversial issue with Ecuator in fact was a armed conflict at the frontier betewen both countries.Ecuator has a more friendly relationship with Chile and last week some military observer at Perou claims about the eventual selling of two modernized fregates of the chilean navy reserve to Ecuator. Besides is in suspense talks about a free trade agreement and about limits to armaments expending.To complicate more the lanscape Chilean growing economy has received abour 60.000 peruvian migrants as chilean workers specialy in Santiago. An also many comercial interest of chilean firms are located in Perou.
For all this is a good question of The Economist if in the next years the neighbours coud be also friends.The answer could be pesimistics because in 1970 1980 decade both countries ruyled by military government was near the war,That seems actually unthinkable but is not eay to say that friendship is an easy task.

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