Friday, April 18, 2008


This Sunday Paraguay go to elections.The mediterranean tiny country of 6 millions inhabitants must decide if wish a change in his old and conservative institutions or a fragile democracy unchanged by the end of military rule of Stroessner who rules for 40 years the country.Four candidates the favorite in the survey,a ex catholic bishop censored by church autorities and put outside of funtions because his political participation,the 56 years old Fernando Lugo has 34 % of preferences,a woman a former education secretary of state belonginf to Colorado party of the ruling coalition replace the actual president who fail in a constitution reform to go to relection.A general retired of the army Lino Oviedo who was a time in prison by a aborted intent to seize the power years ago and a independent business man.
Tha man under the fire is Lugo by his leftist past and reform proposal specially in agricultural land tenure modifications.Also by his style very similar to Morales or Chavez.But Paraguay has not oil and is betewen Brasil and Argentina two big countries,besides his has ties specialy in military cooperation with USA,Lugo has said he have a own way but in a very conservative society the posibilities of social reform are a hard matter to obtain,always is present the factic powers of Church,the military forces and the owners of land and bussiness who are worried about the posibility of a radical change as Bolivia or Venezuela.But Lugo must be very pacient if he wins because his coalition has many voices and the oposition could be won the congress and the regional administration.Be President could be more dificult task than rule trhe country like a bishop.

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