Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Bolivia social and politics never has been very peacefull.But with Morales at power the crisis is in his high level.
The point is if the oldest issues of the bolivian society can solve after the last riots en the provinces who contest the Morales admendements of Contitution an changes in property of gas and land tenure reforms.
Santa Cruz,Pando,Tarija,Beni and Chuquisaca are the richest areas en Bolivia and the regional authorithies
are mostly in the political opossition to Mas,the mouvement of Morales.
Gas,cattle,soya,are on hands of a social right wing social class,instead in la Paz,Cochabamba and other areas mostly are indigen population very poor and back the Evo politics.Bolivia society is one of the most inequal distribution of revenues not only in South America even in the world.One of the clues of solution is inUnasur meeting today in Santiago de Chile.Unasur is a regional asociation of South American countries who excludes USA.Chavez venezuelan president came to the meetins saying that he support Morales in his actions.Besides both sent back the american ambassadors in la Paz and Caracas.Most of Unasur Countries are proclive and very simpathetics to Evo Morales government,Chavez,Lugo the recnt elected Paraguay president,Correa af Ecuator,Tabaré Vasquez of Uruguay and even Cristina Fernandez of Argentina.Only Colombia and Perou are in other perpective.USA is worried about the rise of a new left wing kind of government arriving by free elections to power and with a strong nationalism component as Chavez and with many oil an gas reserves in a crucial economy moment for oil and the rising and recovering paper of Rusia in international affairs including South America the traditional back yard od USA.

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