Wednesday, October 01, 2008


I am not economist,but a people not must be a doctor to know that is healthy or sick.This because Wall Street last facts make me thinks that something wrong goes in economy in USA.
Not now but lasting for many times ago.Is a cultural feature in american people or not facing economical facts?. A common sense say that economy actions are make to full human needs.Is not a a good argument say that market laws are conducing economy is men in the last moment is taking decitions.A tipical issue are wars ass Viet Nam or Irak wars.The american involvement in these wars was a political choice.But en both cases the history said arguments given by political leaders in power was incorrect.Now USA has close relationships with Vietnam government and the mind of vietnamese people is the same about the war.Other case Irak, never was clear the american invasion to Irak.But all include a big proportion of public opinion say yes to Bush administration.No masive destruction weapons were never founded.Conclusion many civilian and american soldiers dead or wounded,a powerfull military machine in a other soil country ,a huge amount of money wasted and without visible results even economic.No freedom,no terrrorism ended or founded,no a free election in Irak as result of american presence.The question were these action usefull to american economy and society?Certainly not.In the actual economic situation is very similar economics facts are many powerfull and old banking institution with problems to recover money lended to other branchs of the systems that cannot pay.The problem is that information about the money market is without transparency.People make faith that all banking bussiness are made with strongs ethical frames.But the results says other thing.The money losted in Wall Street is enough to end the hunger an diseases in a 30% of mankind in Asia an latin America.
Free Market roots are not a blind conducted economy always are human people on rear of economical curtains.Ethics has failed and speculation has a big winner in the fall of shares in all world.People who buy and sell oil,minerals,foods,and money without money.The landscape is dark because money saved represents works of many people during many years a life perhaps.
Is no moral say a people that money went away by the market crushing.America was founded with many lifes and work of many people.That was the american principal capital.Now must be the same but the condition is return to the same spirit of the founders.A strong belief that work and men are more important than money and economy must be made to help his real needs, a solidarity basis of a future economy is the only solution.Societies are make by a network of many peoples and all the last economic facts shows that a democracy works when a equility share of revenues is gived to all human beings not only in USA also in the world but dont work when a few money barons see the world including human beings as a private issue.

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