Thursday, February 23, 2006


Roberto Matta was one of most greatest painter of Chile.Born in Santiago remains and made his career in Europe an USA.A architect of Catolica University in Santiago worked with Le Corbusier and after with the Breton group in Paris including also Dali.
Was one of the most representative of Surrealist and this canvas was painted while Matta lived in New York is a mural que reflect the complextity of his personality.His distress about the broader society crisis and his distress about the world specially after the horror of War World Two.
A few years ago a read a book about Matta impressions in love,the social life,Chile
remembers,his childhood in Santiago.That book show me the humanity and his strong
feelings about his motherland,the chileans and a nitid perceptions about our future.
This ouvre is in the Metropolitan Museum of Arts in New York. and was painted in 1946
institled Being With very dificult to translate but in french(Etre Avec)suggest a
figurative and narrative paint about Matta view of society.

Image Being With,Roberto Matta,chilean Painter 1946
In the Metropolitan Museum of Art N.Y.

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