Wednesday, February 15, 2006


I am a chilean,We are a south american country.We speak spanish.The most of us are from spaniard and other european origins,but we a a mixed people.The first habitants and our land and ancestors where mapuches collas,diaguitas,changos,huilliches onas,pehuenches,yaganes and also pascuenses.In our heritage are blood fom native people who lived here about 4.000 years before the spanish arrival circa 1548.
We have desert,lakes,valley,many rivers,great mountains in Andes,ice in Antartic chilean Territory and also a part of Polinesy in Easter Island.
I try to write this blog in English because I understand that many people speak other idioms.For them I intend to give my vision of hte world.Is would be a very hard task,My english is nor quite good.But a think that people feelings are in all world the same and want know and understand each other.This is my purpose and I beg your indulgences.Thanks very much.

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Joyce said...

What a great idea and challenge. To share in english so I can understand! Yeah! Your country has a long and diverse history. I am excited to hear all about it.
Thank you for this great opportunity to learn more about Chili and your personal philosophy.