Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Dangerous waters are Red Sea and the Malacca Strait,pirates attacks cargo boats,include yachts, robbering goods,money,include oil and kidnaping the crew for a ransome.A Internet site provide help to secure maritim transit of pleasure boats and messages from yachts interested in forming convoys.Some countries as Malasia,Indonesia and Singapore concerted military patrols over Indian Ocean near Malacca Strait.
The IMB,International Maritim Bureau is stron concerned about the security of crews,because in some case the are killed or abandoned at sea in the incidents.
As the crew of the cargo ship Alondra Rainbow that in 1999 left the Indonesian port of Kuala Tanjung to Japan.The cargo disappear,ther salilor puted in a inflatable liferat,only eleven days later was rescued.
For most latinoamerican countries who send his export by sea in a great concern,besides the maritim traficc are less and the great coasts length is hard
to control and must consider a real threat en the following years.

Souce; IMB,MAST,and BBC News.

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