Thursday, July 13, 2006


The New Economic Foundation and Friend of the Earth made a suvey about hapiness feeling in 178 countries in all world.Is not a traditional one about economic achievement and happiness.PBI,range of health care and educational services,instead is a more intuitive and try to explain why some societies are happy without many goods and confort and others are richer and dissapointed in his aims and life sense.
They established a PBI index in funtion of Life expectancy,life satifaction and Ecological footprint in a formula where: HPI is equal to Life Sat x life expectancy
divided by ecological footprint.
Some conclusions:Countries similar in oher ways can differ enormously about life satisfaction.Well being does nor rely on high level of consuming.Central America countries and islands reach the highest average score in the index.G8 countries generally score badly in the index.Usa score 150 in ther list,Chile 51 and Costa Rica 3,Zimbabe is the last in place 178 and Rusia 172,Cuba 6,Brazil 63.Haiti 85,Japan 95,Tonga 24,China 31,Vietnam 12,Poland 114,France 129,Poland 114,,Bahamas 75.
The contraversial issue is establish a common pattern for Life Satifaction but is
very similar in conception to HDI(Human devepment Index of ONU),but the results are different.But it seems me that in real life many things are according with Nef conclusions.

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