Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Yesterday again bolivian went to ballot to elect a new Assembly,La Constituyente,charged to study the modification proposed by Evo to national constitution and the polemic proposal of MAS about gas,oil and land ownership.But besides electore must pronounce about territorial and autonomy of Departaments.The election in finished and Evo party obtain more or less 56% of votes,not enough to 2/3 mayority needed to have power to aprove without other little groups an parties as was the aim of Evo who said a 80% was his goals.But the autonomy of Central power is rejected.The oposition made tis a central issue in Santa Cuz department the second crowed in Bolivia and economic heart of Bolivia,and also in other minor territories.But Evo won in La Paz.The traditional elites in Bolivia are aware about
the steps of Evo who has a real popular charisma in the indigenous world as is the roots of Evo.The international policies of the government instead of the disrupt the
Morales has showed very pragmatic,and Morales itself a most best politician as said
the oposition and some press.This results make that the Morales detractors inside aon outside of country will be very cautious in the real reading of the election results.

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