Thursday, July 13, 2006


China has a new great wall but now directed to Internet sites censorship.About 62 people cybernauts are imprisoned and the national People Congress of the People has passed a law to regulate the traffic by the web.To day Wu Hao a cybernuat imprisoned in last Febraury was delivered by chinese authorities during the visit of Josep Borrel Chairman of European Parlament who study a resolution about Human liberties in PRC.But all problems China is second in Internet use,registering 80 millions of cybernauts an 600.000 public sites.Beside the chinese Government has own internet sites to propaganda as and China Daily also,also by very sensitive issues as Tibet and situation.
Wikipedia has detailed information about the matter.The sites about surveillance and censor are polticas forums,Tibetan and taiwan Independence,religous por example Wu Hao was making a report about underground chineses Church when was imprisoned.A very complex point according to Reporters Without Frontiers is obtain that companies working in the internet business stop contributing to the authorities censorhips policies in a effort that chinese goovenment change this kind of actibvities.



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