Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Scientist of Ohio State University found evidence of a great asteroid impact creating a crater about 482 km or 300 miles the gratest ever observed in Antartica on Wilkes Land southern Australia.Is age, 250 millions old.More than the 65 million meteor impact who asumes killed dinosours.Nasa Grace Satelites detected also detects gravity ocsilations beneath Antartica ice sheet.Wilkes crater is beneath a mile(two kilometer) the East Antartica Ice Sheet.Thew size of Wilkes meteor could have 30 miles wide.The crater size is enough to content all Ohio State.Scientis sais that form is similar to moon other craters.The singularity is in moon carater case this remains in time,but on earth is the oposite by geological activity.
Also especulates than impact colud help to split the actual antartica land form Gondwana extint supercontinent.Besides damage all kind of life on Earth.

Source Spaceflight Now
Also Universe Today

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