Thursday, November 30, 2006


Societies are like people,diferent in culture,value. :The error of maxism anD nazism was dont understand a scientific evidence.The value of search diferent methods used by nature and men to solve his biological and social paradigms.Democracy is a value,but without bread and water in nothing to people.We must respect the freedom to imagine God as Mahoma,Christ,Buda or Mr. Smith.Trial and error have a limit America can not impose a american way of democracy.Are other options.Antrophology give clues about
"primitive" societies in Oceania , Africa and Amazonia have a strutured and complex system to order social life..and happy.Many people dont like to eat burger with cheese,we must respect this little options.Human brains are the same but people must choice different,this is freedom.
Other things are only biased and egoist view about human nature.

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