Monday, November 06, 2006


To day iraqui court condemn Sadam Hussein the former PrEsident of Irak to death by hanging.Is a tactical great mistake.In a country with amercan and coalition force prsence,rejected ny native population.With a growing spiral against civil victims was a irrational action.A USA army with no clear reasons to remain. with a monthly rate above 100 soldiers.With a dislocasted civil society in the verge of a civil war.Badly a death of Hussein after a contraversial trial with a judge panel without cool brains is a worst notice for all.Civilian more causalites of inocent children and women.With a produtive structure in caos.Wih internal corruption about external aids.Is a gloomy landscape.What come next.?A pseudo democratic right wing government
viewed by international and iraqui comunity as puppet of USA?.With a international comunity seeing americans exterior policy as a worst solution to a bad regime.
USA is is a wise country must left Irak and let irakie people to solve his own problems.The begining of all as a retalation to 11 September in USA is a simplistic approach to a very complex issue.The americans must understand that other peoples are also human being with the same neurone structure and nobody give them a free mandat to work as a a police force in charge of world "Peace task Force"

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