Friday, November 03, 2006


Imagine South America like a huge iceberg in a polar sea.On surface democratic formal societies working in a umbrella of neoliberal rules.The guide in all issues including politics afairs are the Market.But this model besides dont resolve social problems dont have security to reach and make developped countries.The most emergent economies growing 5% in PIB yearly increase the gap with most developped contries of first world.Below the sea level are a mayority of people on line of poverty formed by no land men in Brasil,Colombia,Perou,Bolivia,"The two dolar per day people".Migrating impoverihed people to great cities forming poverty belts.Riots,delincuence,drugs,guerrillas are son of lack of work,education and discrimination. The roots are inside the societies,political parties represents class interest.The right wing are owner of economical factors as land,banks,Universities and the brain trust of the societies.The left wing parties are cupular represent only a tiny average of real population,without real proposal of solution.In this scenary politics as activity obtain in all countries the most bad cualifications.New forms of participation emerges as ecologist movements,indians people organizations,sexual minorities,sudents demanding best standards of education as Chile.Miner workers demanding the properties of mines in Bolivia are examples that new referent are changing the social power balance.Democracies en the next decade shall a new face wit other actors.If the actuaL elites dont understand the new reality,the greenhouse effect and his consecuence the rise of water level and the melting of iceberg colapse the societies and in the initial caos many people will die by the wave of social reforms.

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