Saturday, November 04, 2006


Was in Delhi India about 1719,two mogol emperors had a dicsusion about the best oprtunity to leave in a military expedition.No astronomical observation existed abot the best planet position to decide the glory of the warriors..Conclusion one of them
Maradjah Sawai Jai Singh II began to build a serial of observatories aroun his kingdom.The more famous and the most beatiful was ans is Jaipur.A very complex of buildings to make astronomical and astrological observations an predictions.A huge sun watch give the 24 hours with a only two second of diference.Haipur has a complex
mape of the planet and stars location in the universe.Other name is Jantar Mantar(instrument of calculation) is one of the most beatiful practical momuments of the all world.His yard is like a scultures park.

More information: The Jaipur Observatory

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