Thursday, June 08, 2006


Rich countries pays yearly $ 300 bn to subsidise their agriculture sector.This amount is enough to feed, clothe,educate and provide health care for every child in the planet.About world aid agencies about 3 billion people in Africa,Asia and Latinamerica lives with less US 2.2 per day to afford all his needs.The same amounto who receive each head of cattle in the European Union.A newspaper said that subsidising cows while milking the poor.Is hard,but certainly is true.Other cows has better expectatives receive each $2.62.Only in the dary sector the CEE supprot their producers to almost $19 bn.Eliminate the barriers is nor a easy task.Many countries with leaderships in free market policies impose trade rules against OMC
sprit.En many oportunities some developped countries put on international market agricultural goods below the production cost.The value os world subsidies paid to farmers in developed countries is enough to pay the public debt of the most endebted countries.This facts are increasing the gap betewen rich and poor countries.Is nor fair say that all must respect the economics of market dinamic,and expose many little farmers to misery.A wise determination is figth about inequality of international agriculture market.The best insurance to rich countries to social unrest is a trade with justice and is more human if they want subside,make giving this aid to the poor but not to cattle.

Other source;in Spanish,BBC Mundo Economia

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