Thursday, June 01, 2006


Next Sunday 15.737.332 peruvian people go to election in second chance of future President.Two are the men ,Allan Garcia a former president who left the seat by controversial issues about money mismanagement and a retired comander of the Army with a past of participate in a conspiration against Fujimori government.Two weeks ago the prediction was clearly to Garcia with above 50% of preferences.But today is uncertain.About 20% of electors said no have definitive predilection and Chavez speaks against Garcia posibilities with a very hard words ,make Toledo to appeal OEA intervention and called back Perou Ambasador in Caracas.Huamala acused Fujimori party to give suport to Garcia,a very close Fujimori team adviser is acused to send from Chile mails suporting Garcia election.Garcia has denied all.A Huamala election is as complicate landcape to USA because the growing left wing government elected in the Continent the last years.A joint politics from Chavez,Evo Morales,Castro and Huamala is worried by bussines men.But Huamala has denied Chavez external suport and now all people desire a more quick votes counts,because in the first round the delay to give the final results were about a month.

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