Thursday, June 22, 2006


Today 21 June aymara originary peoples celebrates the Machaq Mara the begin of year 5514 according to aymara calendar.The ceremoy is celebrates in Bolivia,Perou and Chile.
Is a purification ceremony in homage to earth(Pachamama) and the Sun.Is also the end of harvest and crop season and begining of agricultural activitiesg.Tiwanaku in the image was build to receive the first sun shines by especial holes in the stone walls.Aymara people are decendants of Tiwanaku civilization and his calendar have 13 months of 28 days with a free day.About 50.000 peoples are gathered today only in Tiwanaku temple and also is remebered in all world as the Andean and Amazonic New Year.

Image.Sun Temple,TiwaNAKU

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