Tuesday, June 20, 2006


In politics the first rule is to be realistic.This about the changes in political landcape in the last three years in Latinamerica.Venezuela after the failure of traditional parties arrived to power Chavez a former army officer in a democratic election and remains till to day with a objetive popular support,this is a fact.Bolivia after a right wing government of Sanchez de Losada desavoiding specialy indigenous demands felt and fly away to USA.After a interregnum by a great ballotage won the Presidency of Bolivia Evo Morales a former coca leader and of aymara origin.Both are not comunist nor revolutionary ideas.Huamala fail to won in Perou election but a 46% votes the mayority in poor departaments outside Lima make Garcia victory a pirric one.
Who is happening in Latinamaerica?:First,Poverty actors are now in scene.Peasant mouvement the mayority affected by no land problem and globalization politics to agricultural products,but also the urban poverty belts of unompleyement people
coming from rural areas are demanding a real improvment of his life basic conditions.
Second.The blindness of upper latinoamericans efluent class are not aware of real danger of inequality of revenues who is in some countries scandalous,also for some Churchs.
Third.Globalization has made his job,the changing world with all the avantages of
tecnical improvement in human life are now by internet in the corner of streets ,the mobility of people to developped countries searching best life conditions as columbian,peruvian and ecuatorian to Spain or Centro america citizen to USA,peruvian to Chile.This people changes his mind viewing other best realities.
For this is a naive politic viewing the landscape with old cold war eyes.This frame only see comunist an potential terrorist and not real situations.The problem to USA is talking as legitim interlocutor only with upper class inteligencia who represent a five por cent of latinoamaerica points of views.A artificial polarization betewen good and bad guys is a very umpractical and urealistic politic because the problems remains.
A widsom actitude wil be hear the voice of times and understand that inequuality issues are more dangerous in latinamaerica that armed solutions and try to find the real interlocutors.

Image:Bolivian protest

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