Thursday, June 29, 2006


October 2006 Brasil have general elections.President,parlament and governors authorities must be renewed.But the interest is Presidential race.Lula da Silva aspire to a second period and acording the polls is favorite in vote intentions.Gerad Alckim former governor of Sao Paulo is the challenger.Sao Paulo with 21 millions people is the most crowded city of Latin America and industrial and comercial heart of the country.Alckim is candidate of PSBD ,Brazilian Party of Social Democracy,Lula have is Workers Pary one of his founder and also a former industrial worker.After a heavy lost of popularity and scandal in some relevant colaborators of Lula government,a economic rebound rise again the position of him.
Oposition said by a rise of public spending.
Brasil is the largest country in latinamerica al the eleven economy in the world.
The economy is growing a 4.0% yearly and after Mexico the second receptor of international investiment.But as international leaderships Lula has deceived many people not only in Brazil.Is moderation and not confrontational approach vanish against Chavez and even Morales in international politics.
The times will say if a second chance is easy to Lula,but the impresion is that only a surprise will be a peril to be the next President of the Unites States of Brazil.
For the moment all people including the candidates are more concerned with the Fotball World Championship and the next play of his team.

Image:The brazilian forest in Google

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