Thursday, August 31, 2006


Torres del Paine are gigantisc granite monolites shaped by the forces of glacial ice forming part of the national Park of the same name located in chilean Patagonia.The central tower is about 3.000 meters high an all the site size is 2.44 m2, was declared Biosphere reserve by Unesco in 1978.In 2005 a careless Czech backpaker illegaly used a gas stove caused a fire destroyed 160 km2 of the park,now is in replanting process with the assitance from Czech Republic.
The Park is surrounded by many glaciers and rivers and wild forests of lenga and coigue trees.Is also a bird reserve of austral cormoranes , many kinds of wilds ducks and some mamals as austral wolf,pumas and guanacos.Paine Towers is in the nearby of Magellan Strait connecting Atlantic and Pacific Ocean and the Drake Sea one of the most dangeours seas for navigation in all world.


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