Thursday, August 03, 2006


Irak is invaded by USA and some countries coalition.Are not a mandate of ONU for operation,but the aim is liberate a people from a dictatorship.Israel invade Libanon in pursuite of Hezbolah as terrorist without international resolution and destroy all the infrastructure of country killing till today about 400 civilian many women and children.
Is not new the latinoamerican knows in the past open military interventions of USA in Grenada,Panama,Cuba and more hidden operation to desastibilizate governments elected by people .In the past the enemies was comunism,now are terrorism,tomorrow?Always appears a new "enemy".
USA say is the champion of liberty and democracy,but his means is most economic than a social matter.After the intervention come the economics trusts that has the profit goal not the improvment in social conditions of people where they installed.
The problem are when economical interest of private investors are mixed with international policies of powerfull countries.Lobies,use of diplomatic resources,inteligence,pressures or carrots to local politician and other less sophisticated instruments are used to win the aprovement of local elites from avantages of free asociation.
But un the reality the actions are ambigous,in the moment to make deals the free market not work to agricultural comodities of second and three world ,Europa and USA subsides own farmers.
Free circulations of people,any american or european can if he want work in Latinoamerica,Africa or Asia countries.But this not work in the oposite sense.
No nuclear energy development to poor countries,but free to make use os this to developped world including in military uses.
A african or serbian leaders make genocidies is direcioned to International Penal
High Court in Hague,but citizen of USA are excluded.Two standars?
All this examples indicated a dangerous international ethic practices imposed in the last years.
The most unethical issues as poverty,polution,environment degration,arms trafic,hunger an disease are second rang issues derivated to international agencies without political power of action.
The problem is the common people in the world are nor stupid and understand the facts,and not empty words.A modern world cannot applies demodee practices of XVIII or XIX world face to XXI Century.


cinamuse said...

Thank you for sharing your astute observations and knowledge regarding USA double standards. I agree with you.

I enjoyed reading many of your blog entries, Jorge. How are you? I hope you are well and enjoying the late summer season.

paz y amor ~

Jorge Gajardo Rojas said...

Cinamuse:What strange name,are you the ghost woman.I am suffering as Kafka in life but with ,only my health is better.Here we are begining Spring,the warm wind an the sunshine.I have no many time to Chilean made.I try answer you by mail,but was impossible.Nor Replay is true?
Thanks very much for your clever comment