Thursday, August 10, 2006


The New Scientistsay today that Monet London serie painted in this place during 1900 is a good references about the weather conditions,specially smog acording finding of Birmingham University Scientist.
Besides is it possible to find out about the particles made by the smog by the colours used in Monet paintings.
Monet was aware of the influence of smog in the athmosphere and on his influence in light perceive.This concern is showed by the correspondence with his wife where Claude are very concerned about no breaks in the clouds and not sign of sun.
According The Guardian Unlimited es also possible that colour of sunset can tell the size,density and composition of fog particles.with oily specks produce a yellowish green haze and soot particles giving a blueish hue.
Some art expert are exceptical,because says a paint is not a photography and in fact many London paisnt was conclude by Monet in France

Image Claude Monet,Sunrise

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