Saturday, August 19, 2006


Le Monde today make analisis about the post war facts inside Israel.A general,chiel officer selling his shares before the begining of military actions.The tactical army error about the real power of fire of Hezbolah.The high cost of soldiers lifes when ONU resolution was a fact sending to win the Letani river borders.The poll says that only 30% of public oinion believes that Israel really won the war.The dismiss of Defense Minister are demanding 52% of people,and 42% in case of the general in charge of Mayor State Office.Only a wise voice,General Uri Saguy that says,this must make clear about the limitation of force use and the need for Israel to reach a political regional agreement.This are only the begining of enquires,but one issue is clear,now the political international situation is baddest for Israel than before of his irrealistic war.