Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Is a esterotipe not only outside but inside Latino America (South an Central America) that latino culture is nature dominated,great mountains,beautifull beaches,much folklore,amazing people,military influence in governments,and of course corruption and drugs.But this vision is a misunderstanding ,below this surface each country has is own culture deeply anchored in his history.
Chilean case is not well known but reflex a complex intelectual development based
in the different stages of the history and world influence.A chilean utopia is not recent and reflex some particularities of his people who in the moment shared some values with other cultures.
This was developed in three stages:First Period 1848-1910 a mixed society dominated by spanish people,the patriots remaining and decendents of conquerour.With a strong mindend religous values centered in agriculture culture and family a closed society,autarquic.Who could call the caballeros culture who profit the great land extensions worked by indian mixed population the most poor class and with literature
developped as landlord families themes.Was a very static culture without exterior contacts,only some trade of agricultural comodities to Perou or California markets,but in the last period a very interesting thing happens; the emergence in North of a new subculture based in nitrate mines with a new tipe of semi industrial workers and with demands to international owner,was the begining of the worker culture not
well reflexted in oficialor elites culture,till today is a hidden culture who disapear after the world crush of 1929.

Image: Nemesio Antunez eigth volcanos


miau-miau said...

dear mr. G
I find your blog specially interesting
se configura en torno a una intelectualidad distinta y abierta
yo soy parte de esta chilean-made culture y soy parte del mecanismo mental que es curioso y se interesa por las cosas la sociedad el arte y los blogs.

miau-miau said...

a proposito
estudio literatura en la u de chile
just so you know