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In 1607 arrived to South America the first group of jesuits priest to the very hearth of the continent.A huge teritory including all actual Paraguay,a part of center of Brasil,some territories of Argentina and Bolivia,Uruguay and Chile.Was named the Jesuitic Province of Paraguay as much land than actual Europe.At the time all this part was Spain colonies property of Spanish kingdom,his frontier were a ambigous line acroos rivers ann wild forest,separated from portuguese dominion.
During 150 years 50 jesuits men worked with the guarani people about 140.000 people in a pacific mode.The missioners understood quickly the guarani culture based in comunitarian work systems and with strong familiar ties.Together developed a high sopthisticated agricultural cultures as yerba mate culture improving the plants.The priest were botanists,zoologists,mathematician,antrophologists.The made a Peculiar University.Till today in botany nomination guarani idiom is the third with more nomimations after latin and greek.
With the jesuitic cooperation they gathered about 725.000 cattle herd ,95.000 horses and 230.000 sheeps.They developped factories as musical instrument and prints and many huge contructions was made including Churches,Comunitary houses for widows and orphans child,part of this remains as ruins.The missions was a Eden copy in a hard colonization systems developped by the spaniard who treated indigenous people as slaves.
But in 1978 all ended jesuitic order was banned from all spanish only the ruins and the guarani people are the testimony of a real heritage of wise men
in a very hostile Century worked together with guarani and this people was treated as human beings.

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