Friday, September 15, 2006


I was thinking about the wars cost for South american countries en the last 100 years.This include not only the civilian casualities,ther damage in the productive
areas and specially how much cost before and after the real war the mantain huges armies.Brasil,Chile,Venezuela,and seeems me Colombia has not wars in the last one hundred years.The only war was the Malvinas in Argentina against Britain and the Chaco war including bolivian an paraguayan armies by a potencial oil area demostred
without reserves after the war.Other little incidents were betewen Equator an Perou by limits divergences.
The issue is how much cost to the no war countries mantain a navy,air an ground army
during this period and the alternative uses for the money in education,health care an industrial development.Are tiny countries without army as Costa Rica and some european countries.a second hipotesis is if you have armies with soldiers who spend all his life in a no world war are a strogn posiblility of political involvement of
them in civilian afairs including government.Other conclusion is thas military political envolvment make of them a real political power and in the past many internal turmoil or social dificulties are excuse to military envolvement.One conclusion are if South America want emulate the European Comunity must first make a regional agreement about limits armies spending and a political one about irrationality of national frontiers in the XXI Century.



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Anonymous said...

Jorge, I come to the conclusion that all wars and conflicts are the results of the conflicts among the owners of our word. When I look closer into the Afghanistan, Iraq, India arm conflict I come to believe that the only one reason is oil, money...
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