Friday, September 15, 2006


I saw some personal blog from USA and many from latin area,specially Chile.The diference.Usa blogger are more individualistic an very pragmatic.People speaks about her or his life in the day,in the instant.No many references to other persons.People says about the problem has in mind.generaly the work,tell about his nuclear family,husband,wife,sons.The great ideas you can find only is specific matter blogs(politics,economy,social issues).
On the other side Latin blogs are more evasive about job activities or private about nuclear families.The blog mix diferent issues,politics, comments about international news ans sports.Are more evasive about the person worries and are very aware to obtain a kind of reply from other persons.Some are intented to find friends or relationships.
This could be a stereotipe but is a first landcape about the diferences.
My doubt are what are more competitive about ranking,I believes both.The barrier in intercultural blogs are idioms and y have other doubt about the translation devices if t¡it work to make a multilingual blog.

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