Saturday, September 30, 2006


Next 1º October brazilian to to ballot to elect a new President.The polls give a Ingacio Lula Da Silva the actual presenden with the best chances,nearly 50% of popular preferences.Geardo Alckrim has the second chance.Brazil is the largest country in Latin America and people says that what happens en there is a political trend to others countries.Lula a former metalurgical worker of PT party(Workers Party) made a government of ortodox macroeconomies lines and a a social aid program(La Bolsa de la Familia) for empoverished 11 million peoples who cost nearly 4.000 US million yearly.Certainly the country has benefited from extraordinary favorable global conditions since 2002.Inflation in under control.But is in the best of cases Brazil is a emergent economy.Lula.Many left old adherents of Lula are disapointed with the course od actions an prefer a woman ex PT ,Heloisa Herrera the third most voted with 10% of preferences.The popular worries;reduction of public expenses,more privatization(Petrobras,some State Banks).Other unsolved problem is no land reform
made and the growing mouvement of "without Land" and many lands in a tiny goups of landlords.Corruption and violence,people said about armed gangs of young people en the great cities.But the more dificult task to Lula is rewin the leardership of Latin America international policy and economical trends that in the last time is eroded by Hugo Chavez the charismatic and controversial Venezuela President.

Image:Monumento to workers in Brazilia in Google
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