Thursday, September 14, 2006


We in Latin America have the easy understanding that poverty roots come outsides our societies.The great economics groups,the wealthy countries,the lack equality en international trade relationships.But this is also a easy answer for the problem.
The problems issue is a internal one of our national societies.Certainly the economy
is a tool for development,but first we must understand that our social structure is bad constructed.We must made social reforms and have a culture of new social order.Our principal wealth are people and is a scandal waste capacities of wok of many young and even women outside of work market.The first human rigth is to find a job.Poor people made less rich to the more wealthy groups and is a kind of imperfect
democracy.Have no sense speak of liberty to poor people,or human values to people who has no access to basic education and health care.People are not goods in the market,the time of slavey are gone,really?Is not so clear for many little peasant
without land tenure.Is make no sense have a first,second even third education categories according the pocket.Minimize the state rol can be good in some oportunities,but we can not emulate developed societies.Our road is other,free market well but in proportion when he is really free.Market is a entelequia to poor.
They must find a atmosphere of promotion of his talents by state and the society.Is a bad solution a tiny population segment(5% or 15%) with 70% of national income.And developped countries must understand that first issue is resolve poverty and not
terrorism,the roots of terrorism are young people without job and education.

Image:water and poverty

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