Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Nobody knows why colombian President Uribe agree with leftist Hugo Chavez the venezuelan leader to make peace conversation with Farc guerillas to obtain a humanitarian agreement to liberate a hundred of political prisioner including 3 american citizen,a former candidat to Colombia Presidence as Ingrid Betancourt and many colombias politics an military personal.First because the change demanded by Farc included 500 people active ex guerilla members some one in american prisions by drugs activities or guerrilla activities.Second because the political risk was more to Uribe government,Chavez in a very complicate times must afford this Sunday a crucial election to find a aproval to changes in contitucional status and without security to obtain the mayority.But in international field the winner could be Chavez
in political colombian field the venezuelan President have a plus as a mediator in a very sensible affair a guerrilla lasting 43 years with thousand of causualities most civilian displaced people disturbing all economic and social life also with political consecuences to create a atmosfer to economic colombia development.Today Uribe has said that is ended the comision to Chavez and make signal to try make direct talks with guerrillas leaderships a matter with very bad positive result in the past.Other consecuence is the Chavez anger who recall is ambassador in Bogota today.Al journal of Bogota make today a public survey and 52% people think that the most damage is Colombia if Chavez break relationships.The other matter not very clear to public opinion is why Uribe demanded mediation and after said that whas because Chavez intent talk with directly with high colombian army forces officials or eventually with Farc guerrillas comand.The affair is far to end.Colombia depend many of venezuelan oil and Chavez have no interest to appear in international world as a protector or promotion of guerrilla activities.The ghost of Castro is always present and both need find a solution to guerrilla prisioner affair to his
political presence in the next years.

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