Thursday, November 29, 2007


Last week 155 members of MAS the leftist Morales political coalition the Constituyente Asembly make a meeting in a military recint in Santa Cruz de la Sierra without the oposition members presence and make legal the contraversial New Bolivia Constitution.Consecuences riots in Santa Cruz streets and 3 dead people.Today bolivian press say that seven of nine Departament of the country are without activities as a protest to Morales Constitution.The articles of new legal carta magna more contraversial is one who instaure politic control of autorities elected by the blolivian indian population about 60% of 10 million inhabitants.Other is a new political division of the country and other who gives to rural comunities the ownership of land and water.The political enemies os Morales are located in urban cities with more developped departaments as Santa Cruz,Tarija and Cochabamba.Other great discussion is the partage of oil and gas revenues,today established to geografical areas in where oil and gas es produced.Other groups in the oppisition to MAS politics are some profesional as lawyer that say has ilegal backgrounds and is not a western style political text.But it seems that Morales popularity in poor people specially in indigen etnias and a very amorphe oposition with contradictory interest make very dificult today think in a military intervention traditional in bolivian political life.Today is posible that the most of army forces are on back of Constitution elected president


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